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What is life without a proper mission?
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Mission Statement

Post by madmin » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:59 pm

The purpose of this website is to provide a platform where anyone can submit an idea so that all can discuss and vote on it. Regions can be set up (so far called forums), such as for a particular neighbourhood, city, country, stretch of beach, or even a single block of a street. The point is that we should be able to manage ourselves and not rely on the decisions of corrupt politicians hundreds or thousands of miles away, who often do not fulfill their campaign promises once elected and who are easily influenceable by corporate and big money interests. For us to be able to vote only once every four years, often limited to a choice between handpicked candidates from only two parties, is not much of a democracy and completely ignores the power of the internet. Should a country go to war? Let the people decide.


I am not an advanced programmer, but generally always achieve my goals, and have advanced programmers to help me.
So far I have installed a popular, open-source forum software and will start to alter it to suit the needs of this site. You are welcome to set up your own region (called forum for now) and invite others to start discussions. The eventual intention is:
  • whoever sets up a region can manage it, or assign others to help manage it (note that regions should have some cohesive point to it, and can cross international borders, such as the region of Silesia, which has a distinct history, people and culture, and which covers certain parts of Poland, Czechia and Germany).
  • anyone who can post suggestions for and vote in a particular region should be an approved member of that region, decided by the admin(s) of that region.
  • suggestions, regions, comments and even users can be voted on, Up or Down. Users will be able to sort these based on popularity.
You can use this topic to submit any suggestions. Looking forward to working on this with y'all!

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