Do we need to be governed?

What is life without a proper mission?
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Do we need to be governed?

Post by madmin » Mon Feb 19, 2018 7:39 pm

When trying to introduce this site to others, I surfed various websites, such as those advocating socialism, anarchy, the zeitgeist movement and so on. During this process I got into an interesting discussion with the Socialist Party of Great Britain ( ... ect-voting), whereby they explained to me the differences between the various classifications of societal structure.
To me their argument seemed rather naive, more like philosophical ideas but no real meat or explanation of practical implementation. Their idea is that there should be no currency and everyone owns the means of production, and works voluntarily. And that their system would only work if the entire world agreed to adopt it. I could not imagine a transition period or a “ten point plan” how to implement this idea.


And even if by some crazy means everyone agreed to migrate to this system, how would it even function? For example, I organise boat tours. I taught myself how to make webpages, get to the top of the search engines, programming to automate my work, and have no employees. So technically I am the workforce who owns the means of production. But how could I possibly provide this service without currency, or getting paid so I could eat? Why would the boatman volunteer his time to take people on tours, and how would he pay for his gas?

Anyway, I’ve come across some interesting ideas on different versions of societal structure, and one common point is: do we really need to be governed?

Of course the first to say no are the anarchists. In a way, my Direct Democracy approach can support that notion, because regions can be set up for voting. Perhaps it is a certain city block, or stretch of beach, or race of people within a certain area, perhaps an entire country, but we should be able to dictate and manage our own lives and not necessarily be governed in every degree by a capital city located thousands of miles away.
On the other hand, without some rule of law, you might get marauding gangs preying on the weak, so I personally am for a police force, but one that is fully under the scrutiny and supervision of the general public they swear to “serve and protect”.

I believe there should be certain universal laws. Such as, if everyone in a particular country or region voted to make marijuana illegal, at the end of the day, it is my own body and my own business what I put into it. This is a natural plant and my consumption of it really should not be susceptible to the democratic vote of others.

Or there could be specific laws against murder, theft and so forth. These rules could be universal, but what concerns if a certain neighbourhood would like to plant some trees on its street, a certain beach allow nudity and so forth, these decisions should be the right of the local residents and not some bloated bureaucracy of politicians disconnected and far away.

I read one interesting article explaining our perception of freedom. Lets take old Europe as an example, during the days of serfdom when those working the farmland did so as basic slaves of the rich land owner. Eventually there was a revolution, but before that most people just went about their lives, thinking they are basically free, free to go left or right, drink tea as opposed to coffee before starting their long day, love their families. But with such power structures it is inevitable that some landlords will become abusive, eventually leading towards a revolution and structural change.
At this point the serf then discovers this new freedom and comprehends an expanded definition of it. If there was no injustice, abuse or undue repression, most people would probably be happy going about their day, as long as they have a roof over their head, food on the table and some basic comforts.

In fact, even nowadays, it seems that most people are quite satisfied to get up every morning and work long hours without asking any questions, such as why free energy is still not available in this modern day and age. Why do we still have to work so much with such advanced technology? One would think that the ancient stone-age man worked less than we do.

So my question is, do we need to be governed at all, or can we be left to govern ourselves? For example, in Bali Indonesia they have a system where the national police are not even recognised but where each neighbourhood has a sort of elected chief who puts together a police force comprised of local residents. In old Africa you had unique systems of justice as defined by each tribe. If we are permitted to manage ourselves on a micro level, do you really think everything will descend into utter anarchy where everyone will end up running screaming naked in the streets amongst riots and destruction?

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