In need of inspiration?

What is life without a proper mission?
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In need of inspiration?

Post by madmin » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:25 pm

Some might instinctively say that the system is immovable and that we little people don't stand a chance against the big boys. Or that your little contribution of suggestions or voting on this site will not make any substantial difference. First of all, if enough of us stand together and demand change, it will definitely happen. If nobody pays taxes, or we stop buying from the biggest companies, the fragile deck of cards will crumble in an instance. There are many ways to go about this, such as printing our own money instead of the private banks.

Ideally, the transition will be slow and without any bloodshed. Humanity has undergone many revolutions or transitions. There was the agricultural revolution, where we transitioned from hunter gatherers to farmers. This technological advancement allowed a smaller percentage of the population to feed all, freeing up time for many, which could then be spent on arts, construction of big projects and other advancements.

Then came the industrial revolution, followed eventually by the information revolution, with a transition to IT and service sector jobs away from manual labour. Now I believe we are entering what I like to call the self-sustaining revolution. With 3D printers we can produce our own goods, download the schematics and spit it out of a machine, not forcing us to be slaves to the factory owners. Technology is advancing rapidly and free energy is just around the corner. With bitcoin we can trade amongst ourselves without any dependence on the banks, which are a core gangrene in the system. And finally, with various means we should have our own internet not susceptible to the trigger happy finger of a puppet president quivering over the kill switch. And of course permaculture technology to grow our own food. We could become completely independent and free for the first time in history. Or perhaps as free as we were before the first revolution, when we were simple hunter gatherers.

Of course the billionaire boys will not want to lose their lusty power and will probably be happy to instigate us into World War 3 to wipe out a major lot of us and send us back into the dark ages and starve to death while they wait comfortably in their already-prepared nuclear bunkers. I suggest that all those be filled with cement and that the billionaires keep their grand estates and all their toys, so as not to provoke them to desperate measures, but simply to say "Hands off! Leave us alone please", for a peaceful and loving transition.

And, of course, such a new system should include a website like this where any citizen of a particular region can submit a suggestion or idea, and everyone else vote on it, all the time. For those who are skeptical that such a change or transition is possible, I would now like to submit a little story for inspiration.

An Inspirational Story

I was born in Czechia, escaped with my parents from the Communists at the age of three, grew up in Canada, and moved back to Prague shortly after the Communists had left. I spent the next 15 years on entrepreneurial experiments in that lovely city.

But while I was gone the Czechs grew bitter. They had to endure some 25 years under a repressive regime, where everything was grey and drab looking. During the second world war, the then president immediately surrendered to the Germans, calculating the losses and making a sound decision in his mind. But this had disheartened a lot of Czechs, who were willing to fight and felt confident they could hold back the Germans because of their extensive fortress complex along the border.

But because of this quick surrender, there was little bloodshed and I believe one of the reasons why Hitler spared our beautiful cities, whereas much of old Europe had been flattened during this horrible war.

In any case, this surrender, in combination with the repressive, drab regime of the Communists, I believe has created a rather pessimistic attitude amongst the Czechs. When you ask them "How are you?", a regular response, albeit somewhat jokingly, is: "Well, you know how it is. All is going to shit." During my stay in the country this eventually morphed into, "If it was only like the golden years when all was going to shit." Czechs have such a sense of humour.


In any case, this was the prevailing attitude when I arrived. Fast forward through my inspiring Prague story, I came to the point where I started to move away from the beautiful city of my birth, into a truck. For three years I drove around Prague in this 3.5 ton Mercedes monster while I continued to work on it to convert it into my new home. But with the pessimistic nature of Czechs, I quickly noticed that I had a problem weaving through traffic with my gentle giant. Small, ancient, cobble stone side street, often with a sharp incline, made it next to impossible to get into the main traffic. This was further aggravated by the fact that nobody felt empathic to my difficult predicament as they inched their way closer to the car in front of them, not leaving me any room to squeeze in. I often had to wait at least ten minutes before I found a clearing to continue.

As I drove along, this increasingly bothered me, how everyone was so selfish and self-serving, until I decided to protest. Like a friend of mine used to say, "You can't outmean a Czech, but you can always kill them with kindness". So whenever I came across any car which was attempting to enter the main traffic of a busier street, I would purposefully slow down, flicker my lights, gesture kindly with my hand and nod my head with a smile.

When I first started doing this I had to chuckle when I saw the almost look of horror on their face, never ever having witnessed such a gesture of kindness. They immediately accelerated into the available space and often blinked back at me with their tail lights, to which I would respond in kind with a little "your welcome" blink of my left turn signal.

Now I could drive with a smile on my face, without anger or stress, tickled with glee because of my little protest. But as I drove along, I often found that the car I had let in front of me would turn off that main road to another side street, or elsewhere. Meaning that my mighty sacrifice was not a sacrifice at all. Or that, once on the highway, the three or four cars that I had let in front of me were rendered meaningless, because it only delayed my arrival to my final destination by a few seconds.

And while thinking about this, I realised how sickeningly selfish everyone was behaving, but by making these constant gestures, some of them might start thinking: "Hey, that guy just saved me ten minutes of my time struggling to enter this traffic. That was really nice of him. I think I will do the same for someone else." And while driving along with this smile on my face, I imagined that every once in a while some of the people that I showed this gentle gesture to might do the same, and it might have a snowball effect and keep going.

And you know what? This is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED!! I came to the country shortly after Communism ended, and it was not until 12 years later that I bought my first vehicle. In that I drove around occasionally for three years, running errands and buying construction material for it, or on trips out of town. And during my last three years in Prague, before I completed my reconstruction and conversion of the truck into my new home, I noticed how slowly the behaviour of drivers had changed. With slow but increasing regularity drivers would slow down, blink their lights and gesture they are giving me room so I could haul my big beast up the steep little side street and inch my way into traffic.

Honestly, when I first started doing this, NO ONE was permitting me into traffic, but by the time I left the city three years later, it was almost a standard practice. You might scoff at the notion and claim that other factors were in play, but why did none of those other factors have any effect for the 12 years post-communism in the new free market environment before I started practicing it? I am convinced that a little person can have a big effect.

So please, just engage yourself in this forum, submit your ideas, vote on others. Let our cooperation grow. Once enough of us wake up to how we have been manipulated all these years by the big boys club, change will be inevitable. I just pray that it will be peaceful and in love, without a single blood dropped. Peace and love to you all brothers and sisters. :D

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A snowflake can start an avalanche.

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