We should be able to vote where our tax dollars go.

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We should be able to vote where our tax dollars go.

Post by madmin » Tue Mar 27, 2018 9:12 pm

Not only should we individually be able to vote on many matters, such as if a country should go to war, but we should be able to vote on where our individual tax contributions go. Maybe there are some out there who are outright averse to war. Why should lets say 51% of their tax contributions, as is the case in the US, go to fund the military when they are entirely against the concept. Why should we allow a government to take money from us and spend it as it sees fit without any of our say? If we come to an agreement as a society on some sort of tax system where people with a certain amount of income pay a certain percentage of taxes, so be it, but I believe we should at least have a say in where our tax contributions go.

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