same standards across the board

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same standards across the board

Post by madmin » Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:35 am

The problem is that the standards in a poor country can be much lower. Such as standards for working conditions, or setting aside something for retirement or pay leave for pregnant mothers. There are many aspects which can improve our lives. But if the same standards are not applied across the board, there is a great motivation for companies to move their operations to an area or country where these standards do not exist. At this point they have an advantage against their competition, can offer a lower price, and basically forces the competition to do the same in order to remain active. So all the advances made in one country or region what concerns the betterment of social standards gets negated by the possibility of companies selling their products or services within it able to outsource the work to areas where such standards do not exist.

Therefore, the obvious solution is to implement tariffs on products or services imported from countries with lower standards in order to not create the incentive for companies to move their operations there.

The great argument at the moment is that free trade will make our lives better, but this is actually a lie. Fair trade can work. With total free trade, the companies can move their operations anywhere, such as to regions where there are lower quality standards for the population. The people living in rich countries can therefore consume whatever they want while the people in poor countries have to inhale the pollution to produce it. Meanwhile, people in the rich countries lose jobs because the companies are forced to move their operations to other regions in order to remain competitive. Any social advances to improve the life of a population are made redundant exactly because we are all being sucked down to the lowest denominator, which in the end is the bottom line, or profits, of the companies who produce the products or services we consume.

This approach does not improve the lives of everyone. By equalising rights and standards across the board/borders, we encourage the advances for social justice and balance of wealth to countries other than where those gains were successful. If we do not have this balancing effect, the obvious result is the companies will move their operations to counties or regions where they can get away with shit or murder, to give themselves a competitive advantage in the market place, forcing all other companies to do the same, until the richer counties where social advances have been made will be forced to negate those advances in order for their people to be able to get jobs. It drives us all down to the lowest common denominator, which basically serves the profits of the companies at our own detriment.


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