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End Citizen's United

Post by madmin » Wed Nov 08, 2017 8:31 pm

Anyone who does not know about Citizen's United or its drastic repercussions should seriously consider their news sources. Citizen's United is a recent ruling by the Supreme Court whereby companies can be considered like people and are therefore entitled to express their opinion. This includes unlimited campaign donations. Previously it was set at $10,000 per head, but if a company wanted to donate to a certain party or candidate, it had to get a bunch of people to spend a lot of money per head to go to expensive dinners as a workaround to donate to a party or politician. My goodness what an inconvenience, and thankfully for the people with a lot of money to get what they want, Citizen's United has made this process so much easier for them. If you look at the companies who fund the parties, you will see that one might give roughly 60% to the Republicans and 40% to the Democrats, while another company might give the opposite. This is because they want to maintain influence no matter who wins. This sort of system basically makes democracy in the US complete bullshit. Red balloons or blue balloons, it's all just a distraction every four years, where behind the scenes it is the corporations who basically call the shots, no matter who is in power. So, to dismantle this power base and return democracy back to the people, one important step is to reverse Citizen's United, and then to completely remove money from the political system. In the last election each party spent something like a billion dollars on advertising and promotion. All this money came from their donors, so it is basically the rich folks giving money to the rich folks (politicians) giving money to the rich folks (media companies) to woo the public into keeping the status quo. The money just circulates around amongst the rich while average Joe is being hoodwinked with sleight of hand and distractions.

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