Free yourself, free the world.

I created these pages because I got tired of watching how the 1% and the power elite have been exploiting and controlling humanity throughout the ages, and how humanity is rapidly approaching a very dangerous turning point – either for the very much worse or the very much better. But moving to the latter requires that more of us are aware of what is going on. Elevate humanity to a higher state of consciousness and awareness, as they say. Otherwise, the power elite will simply be too strong and be able to accomplish its evil deeds, as it has been doing up until now.

To get you onto the page and as a starting point, let us examine what exactly this 1% is. The description is that they own at least 60% of the world’s total wealth. In Europe it is something like 2% controlling 95% of its wealth, while in the US it is 1% controlling 99% of its own wealth. Whatever the statistics are, let us start with the 60%, even if a “mega” 2% controlled that.

To control a company all you need is to own 51% of its shares, but often you can highly manipulate a company, through various schemes and trickeries, by owning only 34%. This leaves a lot left over to invest into other companies. So the 60% can be smartly spread out to a higher number.

If you have so much money, you will hire the best brains to maintain your hold on power, and preferably increase it. The type of people who muscle their way into such high positions of power and wealth are obsessed by such power. They are not the type of people who will one day say: “Look honey, I’ve finally reached my long-aspired billion dollar mark. What do you say we buy that little island we have always talked about and spend the rest of our lives in happiness with our family?” No, these people are driven for power. Usually they are very intelligent, smart, don’t drink alcohol, don’t waste time, are highly productive and hard working, and not necessarily honest. These types of people will generally despise lazy people, or, for example, long haired hippie freaks who walk around preaching about love and freedom. They have an eternal lust for greater power and will keep hammering away at it, with no end in sight.

Sure, they might set up a philanthropic organisation, but do not immediately conclude that this makes them philanthropic. You need to examine things in a discerning way and question everyone’s motives.

And if you are going to maximise and expand your 60%, here are some simple ways to do it:

  • Don’t waste your time investing into mama papa dime operations but only into the largest or key companies, preferably monopolies, where you can use your power in that sector to hammer down the competition and gain increasingly greater control of that market.
  • You will want to team up with like-minded people in key markets and work together to both increase your power and influence, and team up against those who are not on the same page.
  • You will want to have influence in the media, whether it is the first printing press (who else has the money to invest early into such new and important technology?), or existing infrastructure. Do you think it is Bill’s little side hobby that Microsoft would create MSN, or MSNBC for example? Or such forces will at least partner with those already influential in that medium.
  • You will want to use your money to make friends in government, supporting those who play along and stifling those who don’t. Just look at how executives from the likes of Goldman Sachs weave in and out of important positions in government. This is no accident. What concerns campaign contributions, in the United States, the major power on the planet at the moment, most major contributors “donate” between 40-60% of their funding to BOTH sides. Some prefer Republicans while others Democrats, but they contribute to both by about the same amount, and you can rest assured that they will want something for their investment, no matter which of the two make it into office.

Now consider that 96% of the mainstream media is operated by six mega companies. It takes very simple math to consider that the 60+% this very small group of people (relative to the world population) will be significantly invested into the media (via advertising or outright control in shares), because “to control the flow of information is to control the population”, as they themselves admit and as simple logic should testify.

Now, if you consider all the above, which is not some fantastical theory but follows simple, logical sense, you should start to consider everything that comes out of the media or what the government endorses. Of course they will set themselves up as shining knights of honour, “our glorious democracy”, “the shining free press”, and ridicule any source that says anything to the contrary. These are simple power plays, but for the average person looking at it from the flip side of the coin, it is major step to even start considering or questioning what you grew up believing and have been told your entire life.

The Psychology of Maintaining Power

This is a crucial point, because the power elite could never get away with what they have throughout the centuries if most of humanity did not play along or let them get away with it.

Sigmund Freud studied how the human mind works and found that we tend to function as a collective. A social animal, so to speak. We feel safe and comfortable in a group. Humans can survive much better against the wild tigers and other dangerous animals if we huddle in a community and work together as a team. If someone does not support the group they will tend to be ostracized, because he/she represents a weak link and thus a potential threat to the group’s survival. And such ostracization can be a very scary thing, because if you are thrown out of the group you are left to fend yourself in the wild. Therefore, most people will adapt themselves to fit better in the group or their community, for their own survival, and ostracize those who do not play along but perceive them as a potential threat or outsider.

This creates a natural tendency towards group conformity. It does not matter so much who are the bigger leaders in the group, as long as everyone feels safe.

And if the group felt threatened as a whole, such as by another group living elsewhere, who they do not know, who look and behave differently and who come to disrupt their safe haven, they will collect as a group and work together to fend off these foreign invaders.

Hence it is natural that humans, being the social animal that it is, will coagulate into smaller or larger groups as part of its own survival. Those who are more independent-minded and able to go their own way would tend to be perceived as outsiders. The more conformed and cohesive the group, the stronger it is. Those on the outside or from other groups might be attracted by the strength of that group and choose to join them, conforming and adapting to their ways, habits and beliefs.

In this way, over time, the groups will get larger. Occasionally one group will feel strong enough and want to become stronger by taking away the resources of or absorbing another group.

This has evolved in this way throughout humanity’s existence, starting from a tribal level and building up to entire countries.

Sigmund Freud studied this group behaviour and wrote down his thoughts in a book. At the time he was an unknown outsider in his field, but his nephew, Edward Bernays, read his material and began to understand how the group mentality works and how it can be manipulated through such things as fear.

He started out helping small companies promote their products or services, but quickly grew in influence and power to advising, for example, US president Woodrow Wilson on how to win the re-election after World War I.

Now that the war was over, fear could no longer be used to influence the population, so he set out to devise ways how to influence the masses during times of peace.

Eventually he started advising the largest companies and instructed them a simple concept: “Gentlemen, it is not about producing quality products that you think the people need, but about creating the desire for the products you want to produce.” Now he is considered the father of public relations and marketing, and has given birth to the consumption-driven society we live in today. Making his father famous in the process.

There is an excellent BBC documentary, “Century of the Self“, which explains all this and describes how we came to where we are now.

But such a shift in thinking has created a very dangerous precedent. No longer was it such a great focus of companies and kings to do a good job to stay in power or maintain market share, but it became a game of manipulating the public consciousness. Those who were better at it gained market share and the race was on to develop ever better techniques at manipulation.

This gave birth to focus groups, whereby marketers would put together a variety of people, propose ideas to them, perhaps expose them to potential advertisements, ask them questions and study their response.

Where this is all taking us

There is much wisdom in one of God’s commandments: do not covet your neighbour’s property. It is this very aspiration for self-determination and wanting to get ahead of the game that opens us up to this sort of manipulation. Or how the good book speaks about the divine word, like the farmer’s seed in Mathew 13, getting lost among the thorns, which symbolically refers to “worries of life”. Wanting a bigger plasma TV, shinier car and so forth, detracting us from the essence of life and what really makes us happy, which we can find within ourselves spiritually. On a massive scale it creates a consumption monster, a conglomeration of soulless companies, guided by shareholders’ focus on the bottom line (higher profits leading to increasing share prices and monthly dividends) to hire the CEO who will do better than the last one. Rarely paying attention to the decisions made by such CEO, who is forced to make decisions which will help ensure him/her another “term in office”. It is self-perpetuating and I believe the Beast spoken of in Revelations, when talking about the end times. It is resulting in the destruction of the planet while forcing us into boxes.

What you can do about it.

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