A New Plan for the Occupy Movement and Why it Failed

Reasons why I believe it failed: it seemed directionless. Amassing against Wall Street is provocative, puts you up against the police, and the general public, most of whom do not want to be bothered, continue with their comfortable existences, and who probably perceive the occupiers as a small group of scruffy, unemployed vagabonds looking for handouts and who have to go down the street from where they are occupying to take a crap at Wendy’s – as the 1%/corporate controlled media would naturally portray them.

My Strategy:

Why loaf around protesting when you can actually use your spare time effectively? What needs to be done is to create a task force trained to go out to neighbours and anyone around and explain the situation. Pamphlets and documentaries can be provided, at least for printing, and templates can be prepared to teach our disciples and ambassadors how to argue this issue. They need to put on their best clothes, look the most respectable, and politely approach the 90% clueless to fill them in on what is happening. Offer to give them free documentaries, which they can view on their own time. Sit down in their living room or office and explain to them, in simple steps, how the 1% has been manipulating humanity from the beginning of civilization. Teach them how to set up their own gatherings to teach their loved ones and others in their neighbourhood. Explain to them the costs of doing nothing, as explained, for example, here:


The 1% have long used their extensive wealth to ensure that they maintain it, by getting in bed with governments, buying up mainstream media (or influence what they say or don’t say because they are major advertisers), or instigating conflicts so that their industrial war and reconstruction machines can reap great windfalls.

To battle against this I think there is a simple solution, as a passive resistance like Gandhi’s, who was able to throw off the shackles of the mighty British Empire.

The simple plan:

1)      As mentioned above, the word needs to get out about this and the 90% need to be educated as to what is happening, otherwise humanity will certainly be doomed. Once someone is converted, so to speak, they can be convinced to help and spread the news to those around them. With such a program, awareness of what is happening can spread more quickly, as opposed to passive websites offering information. The people who blindly believe in the government and mainstream media will not seek out this information. They need to be approached, explained, and converted, and provided with the tools to do the same for others.

2)      We need to learn how to become self-sufficient. With permaculture technology we can easily feed ourselves, and many times more. We do not need to rely on the system or big grocery chains. The technology exists that we can remove ourselves from the grid and not be dependent on system electricity. We can create our own chain of wifi internet and not depend on the internet providers, now mostly owned and controlled by the mega companies. We can become self-sufficient in every way.

3)      Boycott the biggest companies (and write up a list of the guilty ones which need to be extra boycotted) and buy from your local mama/papa shop. Buy from your local farmer and circumvent the system entirely. You will eat healthier, and support someone who will be able to support you if the system crashes. Sure, it’s going to cost a bit more, but the cost of enslaving humanity, or leading them into endless and senseless wars, and culling a large majority of it is much greater. In this way we can pull the carpet from under the 1%. Their paper money will become useless and their wealth will evaporate, to a large degree. Naturally, such an approach, if successful, will unemploy many who work for these mega corporations, which is why we need to learn how to be self-sufficient.

4)      Trade with one another. Circumvent taxes, buy locally instead of buying everything cheaper from the other side of the planet, the transport fuel costs of which will only further serve the 1%, or instead of buying from the mega corporations who transfer manufacturing to such countries to reap greater profits. Websites are sprouting up which use their own digital currency, like a bitcoin, with which users can trade with one another.

In this way we can pull the wind out of the 1%’s sails. Currently most of humanity is brainwashed into buying all sorts of nonsense, in the name of “preserving the economy”, but this system economy is precisely what empowers the 1%. Look at it this way, to gain controlling interest in a company you only need at least 51% ownership. Often you can have significantly less and still exercise a lot of control over the company. Since the 1% controls at least 60% of the world’s wealth (whereby the 1% continues to shrink and the amount they own continues to increase), you can see how they can control a large part of the world. Whether it be media, land ownership where there is water, bribes to government pockets and so on. They will not invest into mama/papa medium or small sized companies but the very largest, because it is there they can exercise monopoly control, often in cooperation with the other mega companies they own. This is not a fantastical concept but a simple product of human nature – to preserve one’s safe-keeping. They have so much money with which they can hire the best minds in every industry, brilliant strategists and so forth, and they will certainly use this power to maintain it.

So if we stop buying from them, they should sink like a lead ship.

Of course, they can see our opportunity to take back our freedom and are busy writing up plans to shut down the internet or form trade blocks with more and more countries in order to globalize the operation of these mega companies and make them exempt from local government control. If the Chinese had the same work and pay standards as the US, all those jobs would not be lost, but the mega corporations take advantage of these “loopholes” to hire labourers at extremely low rates and poor conditions.

If you believe in the status quo and that things will continue as they are, you will only be feeding this immense monster.

Stay away from big Pharma and learn how to heal yourself. The poisons produced by these mega corporations are designed to weaken your immune system and get you hooked on more pharmaceuticals. Hemp, for example, is somewhat of a cure-all. It is illegal only for the reason that it cannot be patented, we can easily grow this weed in our own backyards, it can cure us of all sorts of diseases, or produce gas for your car and so on. Having it legal would greatly undermine the mega corporations, once we know all that we can do with it (and other free presents from nature’s bounty). On the contrary, alcohol is an aggressive drug, destroys the brain, yet it is legal, because it offers a means of escape. People who smoke generally ask more questions, which is another reason why it has been made illegal.

The earth is ours as anyone else’s. The worms and birds cross borders without hindrance. The globalist agenda is one of divide and conquer, and they use their media propaganda arm to stir up fear between people across borders. We need to slowly glean ourselves from this power base and take back control of our existence.

Prevent Conflict

And lastly, in case they empty all their holsters to stop us with various false flag events and their usual tricks, my suggestion is the following.

One is to prevent them from scurrying into their bunkers, where they can ride it out after they drop a few militarized Ebola viruses at busy, international airports.

The second is to send a clear message that we will not exterminate them, and to send an equally strong message to our own warriors. Otherwise, they would get desperate and they have way too many toys and power at their disposal that we barely stand a chance. No, we are entering a new era and we should start it on a foothold of forgiveness and love, and leave the old hate machine behind. Perhaps destroy their bunkers, but let them live with what lavish property and lifestyle they have. We do not need that. We only need to be left alone, become fully self-sufficient and independent of their system, and at most police their activities so they no longer exercise such destructive influence.


Thank You Karel.
Interesting article. I do agree with your idea that we need to become active on the local level. As a matter of fact, I have been doing just that for the past 4 years.
Getting involved in local politics, talking to my friends and neighbors and working to inform them of the plans of the UN (via Agenda 21) and the power elite to steal our freedom from us.
It is here at the local level that we as individuals can have the greatest effect.

I have been a big proponent of self sufficiency for some time as well. Only by being free from the fear when we are dependant on the government can we truely challenge its power.

Although, I suspect we may have different ideas as to where the problem lies, I am certain that we agree the current system is a house of cards. Only those prepared and informed will be able to
weather the coming storm.

I recently bought 13 acres of land in the country, where I will be developing into a farm & hunting camp. I will be making this an oasis of self sufficiency, whereby I and my family can retreat to escape the hoards who have for so long believed in a system that is corrupt at the top and have relied on flimsy logistical chains for their every need.

Good response bro and glad you getting self-sufficient. With advanced farming techniques like permaculture we can SO support so many more people, although I’d rather we stemmed the constant fucking and try to contain growth. But in Kashmir, where permaculture originated, the population reached an equilibrium point on its own, so I guess it is no one’s place to say anything about pop control and let be what let be. The problem I believe is that things will happen very fast and building up self-sufficient communities, which I totally agree with, takes time. I think humanity needs to be woken up, for if it does not catch onto what the elite are planning and the machine is set in motion, for which they have been setting up executive powers like they were during Hitler, it will simply be too late. They are already militarising the police and purchasing all sorts of weapons and drones and tanks for America. They are stockpiling for a major civil war and little patches of eden in the countryside could easily get squashed like a bug under a soldier’s boot. Hence I feel haste and am trying to wake up others around me. There are many beliefs, and I am starting to believe them, that as a collective consciousness we can pull the carpet right from underneath them, power of frequencies, starwars’ joda, what have you. But too many people at present are stuck in a low frequency bandwidth, basically asleep, buried in fear and blind.

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