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Various posts on the subject of control of the elite over humanity and what you can do about it.

Now here’s a reality show I’d like to see

Saw an interesting social experiment recently whereby they filmed a group in a waiting room. All but one of them were actors. They were all seated in the waiting room, and when a certain chime sounded, all the actors stood up briefly before sitting back down. Eventually the one non-actor, the subject, not aware of what was going on, imitated the crowd. One by one the actors were slowly summoned to the next room until the only one who was left was the subject, who, sure enough, kept standing up to the chime.


Now they introduced a second subject, and when the first subject stood at the chimes, the second subject asked why she is doing that. When she replied, “I don’t know, everyone else was doing it,” the second subject complied and did the same. In this way they brought in many more subjects and found that everyone eventually mimicked the original actors.


I think this is a funny experiment, indicative of the bulk of dipshit humanity who would so willingly follow the crowd, but I think it would be even more interesting to take this to several other levels and will propose my concept to some reality tv programs.

In my experiment I would like to focus on that percentage of people who are less likely to conform, or in the least would seriously question the point of following the crowd. In the experiment I saw, there was a receptionist. I am sure I would have at least asked the receptionist what was the point of standing briefly to each chime, if I felt too shy to ask one of the other participants.


For the experiment to work properly, the reason for the waiting room would have to be something neutral. Not like for a job interview, because the degree of willingness to conform would be influenced by how desperate the subject is in getting a job. So I would propose some moderately useful and free medical examination. This could be provided and also serve as modest remuneration for the subjects’ troubles.

For those who are visibly not such eager conformists, they would be called in to the second stage not in a hasty manner so as not to make the rest think perhaps there is some advantage in not standing. Occasionally, the same or other actors could be brought back into the room to encourage conformity amongst the crowd. I propose that this be tested on at least 200 people, to get a reasonable picture about what percentage of society are conformists and to what degree.


Now, for the “rebels”, they could be asked to step into a certain room with an interview table. Shortly after sitting down, perhaps a massively large and strong looking security guard walks in, with bleached white and perfectly ironed shirt and all semblance of exemplary authority. This would be followed by an interviewer, who might sit down calmly across from the subject, pull out a dossier, begin to make some notes and calmly ask the subject why he had not also stood.

This could be taken in many directions based on the reaction of the subject, so preparations for each contingency would have to be thought through carefully beforehand.

For example, if the subject starts to become agitated and restless, the big security man might say in a deep, authoritative voice, “You need to calm down sir.” Perhaps at some point two heavily armed military personnel might be called in. The security guard might have his hand resting on his tazer while staring intently at the subject.

At one point the subject might say, “I refuse to say another word without the presence of a lawyer.” At which point the interviewer might give a subtle smirk, as in the introductory interview in the film Matrix, make a little note in his dossier and politely excuse himself as he leaves the room, only for this good cop to be replaced by the bad cop, so to speak. A much sterner interviewer who might lean over full force, fingers spread out taught on the table, questioning the subject why he/she had failed to follow the others and not stand up with the chime.


These would have to be good actors and the various possible scenarios carefully thought out in advance. Perhaps with a twist of humour, because the subject might think it is ridiculous. I think it would be interesting to see how quickly the rebels cave in under pressure, and see how far other rebels might be willing to hold out, perhaps make the mood very serious, or serious but increasingly ridiculous, until it might occur to a subject that s/he is on candid camera.

Either way, I think the results could make a very interesting show and I for one would really be curious to see the statistical results. I would guess that 85% of people would willingly follow without asking any questions, but that less than 5% would go as far as making any active resistance and perhaps around 2% or less would hold out hard to the end and not cave in.


Others might simply play it smart and comply just to get out of there quickly, in which case such rebels might be asked by the first interviewer, “I see. In that case, could you please sign this form?” He’d pull out of his dossier some form which would be custom made for their response and ask them for some ridiculous concessions, forcing them to make a decision whether to stand up for their rights or cave in. Prepare a response for every possible reaction to get an idea what percentage of the rebels would be willing to go how far in order to stand up for their fundamental human rights before caving in to the pressure of authority.

Of course, once the traumatic interview is over, the subject could get their free medical test, laugh it off with the security guard and military personnel (who could squirt some water at them from their fake machine guns), and offer them suitable remuneration for the footage. Before entering the waiting room each subject would have to sign a long disclaimer (long and small print enough that they wouldn’t bother reading it) so they couldn’t sue the production company for the trauma they experienced.


I don’t know the legalities behind all this, but end result I believe this could be an interesting show for viewers. Might even help the establishment because those who view it will be more weak against the system now that they know that such a small percentage of the population has any balls.

But if you do produce such a show, please inform me of the results because I am seriously interested, and would love to watch the facial reactions of the rebels!

Stop the TPP and TTIP

This page gives a brief explanation of the extreme dangers of the Trans Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, and how we can stop it.

TTP and TTIP a raw deal

Essentially, these agreements are NAFTA on steroids. The TTP is a secret agreement between Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, the United States, and recent newcomers Mexico and Canada (since June 2012), while the office of the United States Trade Representative has announced it hopes that 40% of the World’s population will eventually be covered by this Agreement (the countries above already account for 40% of world GDP). The TTIP, on the other hand, is a similar agreement between the US and Europe.

Discussions by governments and multinational corporations were held in complete secrecy. Those attending were not allowed to record anything, had to leave their phone behind before entering, and if they made any notes during the meeting, they had to leave them at the door before departing.

Since the agreement has been drafted and finally released, it is now in “fast track” mode, meaning that it is meant to circumvent public review and pass through by executive order, or rubber stamped by Congress as a take-it-or-leave-it proposal, not open for discussion. In the US, this decision was aided by almost $18,000 given by the US Business Coalition for TPP to each of the 65 yea votes when fast-tracking the TPP was being debated in the Senate.


And why is it so secret? Here are a few important points about this agreement:

  • extension of copyright from 50 to life plus 70 years. Works created more than 50 years ago and by authors who have already deceased will no longer transfer to the public domain. Copyright laws have also tightened, making work more difficult for journalists and libraries and easier for companies to sue users for as little as reposting a small snippet of text. You can now look forward to jail time, or your computer seized if you were found sharing online.
  • The Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) allows companies to sue governments for lost profits, such as due to environmental protection laws. So a population could vote to go more green, but its government (essentially the taxpayers) would have to pay for it dearly. It is also a clever way how to infringe on national sovereignty and transfer more power to the multinational corporations. Such disputes would be handled in unaccountable international tribunals outside of the public domain. This would naturally further shift production to countries with weaker labour and environmental protection laws and reduce wages in the more advanced economies.
  • according to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), “the U.S. is asking countries to create new, enhanced and longer patent and data monopoly protections for multinational pharmaceutical companies so they can keep competitors out of the market and charge higher prices for longer.”

Big Pharma

This would increase the price of drugs, preventing the manufacture of much cheaper, generic alternatives.

Basically, it is an agreement between the mega corporations against the people, and another big move towards a new world order / one world government where individual nations will lose control over simple choices such as environmental protection and worker rights. It will level the playing field and cause a natural shift towards fewer rights and lower wages and environmental standards rampant in the poorest and least developed countries.


What concerns ISDS, such provisions are already incorporated into trade agreements such as NAFTA, but cases are expected to greatly increase under TPP. Take for example the recent case of TransCanada suing the U.S. government for $15 billion in US taxpayer money as compensation for lost profits because of the blocked Keystone pipeline. There are many other examples posted in this article by The Guardian.

Here is a simple video organised by to explain the devious plot of this plan:

Full text of the agreement here.

What we can do about it

Obviously, the mega corporate-controlled mainstream media (all owned by something like 6 massive companies) are painting a rosier picture of this agreement than is reality, or practically not reporting on it at all, except perhaps in response to growing opposition.

One thing we can do is to spread the news of these secret plans, such as by sharing this article, since the “free press” is obviously not fulfilling its role. The more that people are aware of these games, the harder it will be for the global elite to completely subjugate us under their thumbs. Such important deals should definitely be reviewed and discussed extensively by the general public, since it will affect them to such a large degree.


As a side note, I studied economics, used to believe in free trade, and have certainly been sold its positive points. But over the years I grew to learn how the 1% and multinational corporations use such deals to undermine the general population everywhere, while allocating themselves more power. Instead of reducing trade barriers to give companies more rights to move their production to countries with weaker labour and environmental standards, we should aspire towards fair trade, where countries willing to export their products into ours must either have the same standards as us, or a tariff be imposed on their goods to compensate for that unfair, competitive edge; otherwise, consumers will naturally choose the cheaper product and undermine our own standards. These trade deals can be a good thing, but they should level the playing field to encourage good standards for the general population across both borders, instead of helping the big companies increase their profits and hide them somewhere offshore in tax havens.


The second thing we can do, which I would like to focus on in the next 100 days (starting August, 2016), is the US elections. Out of all the candidates, only Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein oppose these agreements. Hillary may say she has changed her mind (again) and is now against it, but it has already been incorporated into the official platform of the corrupt DNC (Democratic Party) and Hillary certainly cannot be trusted, as may be revealed in this group started by a friend of mine.

However, Bernie has been pummeled by the DNC and media from the get go and has finally succumbed to endorsing Hillary. But I believe he is standing by in the hopes that Hillary will be taken down, due to her extensive criminal and abominable activity, both present and past. And the fact that her character cannot be trusted. This is quite a fascinating election and I believe it will be a world changer, bad or good depending which way it goes.


If Bernie will not be given the helm (and there is already talk that the DNC will choose Joe Biden if Hillary is thrown out), another option is Jill Stein. She actually has a better platform than Bernie, and such a good character that she offered Bernie to lead her party to the elections (he has not responded to that offer yet). The reason why her platform is better, although very similar to Bernie’s, is Bernie would continue the war machine while Jill would immediately cut its budget in half, pull a lot of troops and bases off foreign soil, stop with oil company subsidies, and use all those savings to invest heavily in green energy, wipe students loans off the slate and make education free, and a single payer healthcare system like they have in Canada and other developed countries… The list just goes on and on. This is what the world really needs. Not bombing Syria to cause a refugee crisis in Europe, but I digress.

The media constantly talks about “lesser of two evils”. This is a lame copout, and the establishment wants you to remain loyal to the two party system. But both parties have been corrupted by corporate financing to such a degree that they behave like mere lapdogs to big money. Enough people have grown tired of this that the number of independents outnumber the Democrats and Republicans combined. If Bernie does not step up properly to the bat, I believe it is a good time to give this third party candidate proper support. With enough of it, many of the independents will feel emboldened and there could result a dramatic shift before the November elections. This would send a nice and much needed slap-in-the-face/kick-in-the-arse to the establishment, who think they can play all these games behind closed doors while paying for their monkeys in politics.


I have grown increasingly pissed off at how they manipulate humanity in this horrid way, using the media (their propaganda machine) to constantly sound the trumpets of war, based on such lies as WMD in Iraq to justify the bombing of weddings (blowing up innocent children and pregnant mothers) because “maybe there are some terrorists there”. Imagine if this was done to your own neighbourhood. Because of this I have started a page, Stir Some Shit, where I post useful articles to promote the growing revolution.

Imagine, there are more than seven billion of us on the planet, and US foreign policy affects much of it. Because of Citizens United, anyone now, whether foreign or domestic, can buy out US politicians. The Koch Brothers have dedicated 1 billion dollars towards this election. The racist psychopath Donald Trump is heavily in the game. Several billions of dollars have been invested into these elections, but if each person on this planet invested $1, that would bury whatever contributions of the billionaire’s club. Not that we necessarily need to invest all that money, since the elections have proven themselves to be so rigged anyway.

rigged-electionsNo, it is time to stand up and wake yourself from your comfortable complacency. I believe the world is at a dangerous tipping point now — it can go to either extreme.

We need to move towards free energy, fair treatment and a good life for all. I believe we are entering a new revolution, which I call the self-sustaining revolution. With 3D printers, our own currency and free energy, we no longer need to be slaves to the factory or the monetary system, borrowing from banks just to make ends meet and not permitted to grow our own vegetables.


How a small person can make a big difference

I recently saw this cute post on facebook and it reminded me of when I lived in Prague for 15 years. I arrived shortly after the fall of Communism and had bought a big truck three years before my departure.


To give you a background, at 85% of the population, Czechs are the most atheistic of all countries. During WWII they had a strong line of defense already built against the Germans and were willing to fight tooth and nail to protect their beloved country, but their president at the time thought otherwise and promptly offered surrender.

As a result, the nation had preserved its remarkable and beautiful architecture from ransacking and bombardment, but its people had lost the spirit of nationalism and pride it once had. If you ask a Czech “How are you?”, you will often be responded, “You know how it is, it’s all going to shit.” Meant in the typical Czech’s cynical sense of humour, but a dominant perception nevertheless. In Prague you will often not find a smile or a laughter unless it is at the expense of someone else.

So in this environment I had first hit the road with the travel vehicle of my dreams. As one might expect, at every opportunity the Czech drivers would steal an open position in front of my slow moving, 3.5 tonne monster. It was annoying to say the least. But instead of letting it get to me, frustrating me in traffic like everyone else until I joined in their petty ways, I decided to fight fire with water.

I reasoned that my good deeds might spur others to think. If I was inching in slow moving traffic and saw that someone in a smaller cross lane was trying to enter traffic, I would purposefully slow down, blink my lights, politely show space with my hand and nod at them with a smile.

At first they would dart into traffic at the first opportunity, perhaps blink one of their signal lights in gratitude, but over time they would glide into my lane after nodding thanks first, and then blink gratitude for good measure.

After all, I reasoned that, once they were let into my lane, it might occur to them what little it cost me and how much I had helped them. Whenever I let someone in front of me, I noticed that someone else further up in traffic would veer off to one of the side lanes. So I remained in the same position. Or it only cost me one car length, which works out to only a few seconds once we finally make it to the open highway. But if everyone holds tight to the fender in front of them, the poor person trying to enter traffic might wait ten minutes or more before proceeding (which is precisely what I experienced most of the time).

I imagined that the person in front of me was pondering about this and how my small, kind act really helped them. And that they might return the favour to someone else in the future.

And I imagined that if only one in three people I had expressed this kind act to would return the favour to someone else, one in three of those might in turn express the same. And the more people that would ponder about this and return the favour to someone else, the more likely the kind act would snowball and take on a life of its own.


For three years I made an almost vindictive effort to express this kindness, always nodding my head politely and creating the room at every opportunity, and I swear, by the time I was ready to leave Prague three years later, a noticeable transformation had taken place. Every time I tried to enter traffic I’d have to wait an average of only three cars before someone would stop, flash their lights and politely show the room they made for me with a wave of their hand and a congenial nod.

This is an entire city, and maybe by now it has spread to the entire country. A snowball effect started by a little person like myself. It could not have been because of a free market economy alone, because why wouldn’t have this been the common practice 12 years after I had returned to the country? I watched the situation closely over those three years and saw the gradual change myself.

So take heart, my good friend, and think things through rather than jumping on the bandwagon of short-sitedness. You can make a difference!

If you turn a blind eye you are a murderer

This may seem like a harsh accusation, but not only is it technically true, but sometimes people need a harsh reality pill to wake them up from their easy lazy slumber.

When Bush first invaded Iraq, he did so on the premise that it was building weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But a year later it came to light that this “intelligence” was falsified. At the time the Republicans controlled both the Senate and the Congress, a rarity in history, and they were gung ho and ready to implement a long planned and prepared for attack of the Middle East.

But when this falsification finally did come to light, did the “free” press scream bloody murder and demand heads to be rolled because it was lied to by its government and used as a vehicle to send its country’s soldiers off to die in a distant land? No. Perhaps a little peep before it announced a distraction of a bombing here or there, as it often does. This is proof that it is not a free press after all but following the agenda of its masters.


But setting that aside, what have you done about it? On this false premise the US has dropped its multi-million dollar cruise missiles on weddings, citing that MAYBE there were some terrorists there. How would you feel if a country on the other side of the world used or fabricated falsified intelligence about your country to drop bombs on weddings, full of innocent children and pregnant mothers, because maybe there was a terrorist among them? Justified collateral damage in the name of some sense of security. I am sure there would be a great uprising and most would lunge at the opportunity to press the red button and demand an all out nuclear attack.

The way I look at it, none of what the power elite are getting away with would be possible if most of society did not turn a blind eye to what they are doing. In the name of some sort of notion of security. Therefore, the people who design the bomb, press the button to drop the bomb, give the command to design and drop the bomb, and turn a blind eye to all this in the name of their own feeling of security are guilty of murdering innocent children and pregnant mothers.

childrenThis is still going on. Will you continue to take comfort in your life and false sense of security, while the building of the police state moves forward? One day all your rights will have been whittled away and it will be too late to do anything about it. Think about that before you lay your head down to rest tonight.

People are getting so conditioned these days

I was in Home Hardware Depot buying some material for my latest construction project and, seeing I expected my purchases to be many heavy items, I brought a sturdy, small backpack.

On arrival I deposited my backpack with the security guard at the entrance repository.

Once done with my shopping and ready to pay at the cash register, I instructed the cashier and her helper that I am not in need of wasting another plastic bag because I brought my own bag. I pointed to the repository, indicating my intentions also to the security guard, exchanged my repository ticket for my backpack, and carried it the 2m distance to the cash register.


At that moment all hell broke loose. The guard came over with his beating wand, poking it inside my bag, and instructed me not to expedite the loading of its new contents, making sure to double count the many items just in case some extra ones didn’t slip in there. The cashier and her helper were also making frenzied, panicky movements.

In impatience I finally exclaimed, “Is there really a big difference between putting the stuff in this bag as opposed to that?” They all stared at me in bewilderment, as if I had been speaking Japanese.

Of course there was no difference, but because I had brazenly stepped out of the normal routine by not using their plastic bag, suspicion was the only logical conclusion. I read recently that the powers are designing software which will use some sort of AI in combination with the multitude of CCTV cameras to analyse the movements of people and earmark those who do not fit the regular norm and might therefore be terrorists. Maybe in the not so distant future, trying to save mother earth from having to swallow another petroleum product might result in storm troopers cascading from the sky and my face promptly planted on the pavement.

How to convince a non-believer

This can be very tricky indeed. You can talk about it until you are blue in the face, but once people dismiss you as a fringe conspiracy theorist, the best response you can expect from them is a rolling of the eyes, “talk to my hand”, perhaps a cute pat on the head, or a point-blank and terrifying Facebook unsubscribe. Then you might as well be talking to yourself, or to those who agree with you, and we lose the battle.

Since humans are a social animal, not equipped with sharp teeth and other tools to survive well in nature on their own, they have conglomerated into social groups of conformity. Most have an innate instinct of fear with the prospect of rejection or ostricization by the group. For which reason they tend to follow the common view.

Hitler’s propaganda minister, Goebles < , declared that the simplest way to manipulate a population is to keep repeating an idea, on a large scale, until it becomes standard accepted.

This same approach is practiced by the 1%. With at least 60% of the world’s wealth, it is understandable that they would invest a suitable portion of that to control the media, as 96% of it is run by six mega companies. To serve their agenda, it is imperative that no doubt is cast on their propaganda machine. The “free” press is always portrayed as a shining beacon of democracy. In movies the president of a country is almost always portrayed as a respectable, ethical and sound person, in full control of the industrial military complex and never swayed by the massive lobby groups whose campaign contributions paid for the ridiculous amount of billboards and advertising that helped place him into power. A person of integrity that upholds the very foundation of a just and beautiful democracy.

Conspiracy theorists, whether mentioned in the “news” or acted on TV, are almost always portrayed as fringe lunatics who only deserve ridicule. “Connecting the dots”, they say with a sneer. But isn’t connecting the dots how one proves any theory in the first place? If most people automatically respond with cynicism and ridicule of anyone connecting any dots, you know there is something gravely wrong with a society which fears to ask any questions or challenge the popular notion.

But such is human nature. Over the years I have compiled some arguments and approaches to help crack this hard nut of instant disbelief.

If someone immediately refutes you on the grounds that everyone else couldn’t possibly be wrong, point out to them how many hundreds or thousands of years most of humanity believed that the world was flat, simply because the Catholic church said so and everyone else believed it. Yet if you look out over the ocean you can see the slight curve in its surface. Or you might ask a simple question: “If the world was flat, wouldn’t the water run off the edges?” Do you ever see in nature some bizarre wall grown naturally that would hold water in like this? Yet the majority is perfectly willing to go along with this, because it is easier than going against the main current. In this way you can discredit any argument which is based on strength in majority.

The same test was conducted 30-40 years apart whereby a scientist would ask the test subject to press a red button. In the next room was an actor who would holler pain every time the button was pressed. The scientist would slowly turn up the dial and continue to assure the subject that it is okay to press the button. As the numbers on the dial became higher, each time the button was pressed the actor would scream louder and plead louder for the torture to stop. 66% of those tested would ask, “Are you sure it is okay to keep pressing?” And when assured that it was indeed okay to do so, they continued. Meaning that only one third of people are actually prepared to contradict the will of the authorities in a “conscientious objector” manner or of what is generally accepted. Further proof that relying on the popular notion is not a sound foundation for determining the truth.

Another argument <highlight points in some way> is to ask them, “Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? Then what the crap are they still doing there, dropping bombs on weddings filled with innocent children and pregnant mothers, when no correlation was found between Al Queda and 911, or WMD found in Iraq? It eventually surfaced that the original intelligence reports on the matter were faulty/fudged, and now the likes of Bush and Rumsfeld< cannot travel to countries like France, Spain or Malaysia because their top courts charged them with crimes against humanity. But why isn’t this supposedly glorious free press screaming bloody murder that they were lied to on such an important issue?” Sometimes provocation or shock is necessary to wake someone up from their slumber. “How would you feel if a foreign country sent remote controlled bombs into yours, dropping them on innocent people, based on false pretences? As far as I’m concerned, the person who presses the button to drop the bomb is the same as the person who makes the decision to press the button, or the person who makes the button or the bomb, or the person who turns a blind eye to that button being pressed – they are all murderers.”

Some might say, “I do not want to trouble myself with all these theories – I find them disturbing and would rather focus on positive matters, helping those around me.” The majority acted the same way before WW2 under Hitler in Germany. “Evil flourishes when good people stand idle.” When people are idle too long, it gets to a point when it becomes too late to do something about it, when the boots of war come crashing at your doorstep.

To continue with the shock therapy, as they continue to roll their eyes, since you are challenging everything they have been raised to believe, you can ask them, “I suppose you are one of those who still let themselves be brainwashed by the TV? Have you ever heard of the 1%? Can you even define what that is?” “Sure, they have a lot of money.” Point out to them how much that is, that the mainstream media (including shows and movies) are controlled by so few companies, and it makes sense that they would be heavily invested into this industry. “After all, to control the flow of information is to control the population. If the mainstream has proven itself to spread disinformation and not do anything about it when they find out they were lied to, why do you continue to revere them as a reliable news source, and scoff at any other any other? Do you have 250 million dollars to throw around and fund the production of a movie?”

Or some argue, “I cannot believe that the entire government is in on this.” What a naïve argument. Of course every single civil servant, or perhaps even the president, is not aware of what is going on. Like the structure of the free masons, only certain people at the very top (of the puppet strings, not necessarily at the top of the visible power structure) know everything that is going on, while information is gradually filtered out on a need-to-know basis the further you go down the 33 levels of the pyramid. Until you get to the bottom, the broad base of the pyramid, which encompasses the majority but who know the least.

You can find many explanations about 911, including recorded conversations between military personnel who were rather baffled by all the flights that day (jets were ordered out to sea so they would not be able to get back in time, if needed). It was mayhem in the skies that day, by design. Such orders come from the top down and generally no-one questions them or tries to piece it all together the next day. It is too much to chew for most people. That and even the thought that they could be misled so much. Most people do not even want to consider such a notion, with its implications. Which is precisely why such a stunt is possible.

Follow this by the media blaring away its disinformation and various untruths on how it happened, people quickly hop on the bandwagon and follow whatever they are fed.

And since the propaganda theories are perpetuated on a constant basis in the news and tv shows and movies afterwards, they get so ingrained in the popular psyche that most consider it utterly absurd to believe anything else.

And then you are back to square one, where most believe one argument, because it is repeated so often and is prolific throughout all the media, where to stand against this general belief once again threatens one with ostricization from the group. So the majority of people willingly jump on the bandwagon and take comfort in snuggling themselves within the warmth of the penguin pack.

But two can play that game and I find that repeating my arguments, well-targeted and over and over again, helps to unravel this programming and conditioning. Although it may take some time (as does the initial programming).

I had a friend who was notorious at ignoring anyone else’s advice and at rambling out loud his own perspective. As a successful business plan I saw a blatant flaw in one of his strategies and, over a period of a year, I would repeat my thoughts to him, in different ways and on different occasions.

One day he started rambling my proposal as if it was his very own idea. It seemed that my proposal had percolated through the web of his opinions until it started bubbling up from beneath, when he accepted and willingly embraced it as his own idea, proudly proclaiming it to me.

So forget about turning a major leaf over in a single evening of rambunctious and hot-blooded exchanges. Simply pepper the conversations with your thoughts. Instead of repeating a common idiom, “If you believe that, I’ve got some property for sale in Florida,” (there used be a wide-spread scam of selling property to victims who presumed that all property in that state was comprised of beaches in tropical weather, until they learned they had inherited marshland and alligators with no prospect of building a home on it), you might say, “Yah right, and with today’s technology it is possible that a Malaysian airliner evaporates in thin air with absolutely no trace.”

Do not get hostile and in people’s face, calling them stupid and putting them on the defensive, so that they only put on their blinders, but simply pepper the conversations with such comments, using humour instead. Just look at Russel Brand<. That guy spills the beans like no other, yet he applies humour to it, so it is more readily swallowed. Even if the rational mind may dismiss it as a joke, the subconscience absorbs it with gravity. I once saw a clip of the audience during one of his rambles and you could see in their eyes that they were in somewhat of a shock that such things could be even mentioned on the mainstream, but it was apparent to me that, deep down inside or in the back of their minds, they already suspected all this! They just weren’t prepared to share these secrets with others.

In fact, most people are too scared to even face their own sub consciousness. One eastern monk expressed dismay that most people in western society do not meditate because they fear what they might find when they look inside. No wonder it is easy to manipulate their thinking, most easily with the tools of fear (action > solution etc. by David Icke < link to – add David Icke to reading list, and Russel Brand>).

So keep absorbing information from the good sources and repeat it where you can, always in a way that will not turn most people off, but in a way which might provoke thought in the matter. Sneak it in to conversation as a thought-in-passing. They say that we only use 6% of our brains, but who knows what all goes on in the subconscious. Plant your seeds of thought there and circumvent any confrontation with the rational mind of your opponents or patients.

With the internet, ideas not endorsed by the puppeteers can be more easily spread, and we actually now stand a chance of waking up in a collective consciousness of seeing through the veil and understanding their game. I read one article which explained that the tipping point is around 13-15%. First you have the hardcore truthies, who crack through the sealed end of the pea pod. It takes great effort to convince the next pea in line, each one subsequently passing on the news once they are convinced, until it reaches this 13-15% magic barrier. Once that much of humanity believes in the same concept, the rest are so much more ready to jump on the bandwagon and freely roll out of the pod without hindrance. After all, they might be left behind and lonely! So once they see enough of the peas stirring in their seat, haste overtakes them and they all flee the old pod as if the basement were consumed in raging flame. We are apparently close to this tipping point, with more and more people distrusting the mainstream press and an explosion in growth of independent news sources. We need to hasten this further, because the power brokers are well aware of this dangerous scenario and will undertake all measures to maintain their grip of control. After all, WW3 is in their plan of establishing the New World Order of complete domination over humanity under a single structure. Lets not let WW3 happen. It is a race against time.

NESARA – what it’s all about

This was forwarded to me by someone who has been reading about this subject for the past five years and thought it was worth mention. It serves as a good and easily consumable intro.

Change is on the Horizon- N.E.S.A.R.A. The Farmer Claims Program

Change is on the Horizon Part 3 of 3 The Farmer Claims Program

This is the most accurate and hard hitting video I have seen for explaining N.E.S.A.R.A. and exactly how and why it came to be and what the cabals have been doing to block it. ~Freewill

Change is on the Horizon Part 1 of 3 Dawn of the Golden Age

Change is on the Horizon Part 2 of 3 The American Federal Empire

Change is on the Horizon – Dawn of the Golden Age (Full Version)

NESARA was to be announced at 10 a.m. EDT on 11th September, 2001. The attacks on the World Trade Centre occurred just before 9 am that day. There were NO hijackers. President Bush desperately needed a war – partly to stop this announcement! The lives of NY firemen could be at risk as they evidenced the murder of some 200 bank employees who were actioning bank procedures for the implementation of NESARA that very morning!

NESARA implements the following changes;
1. Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities
2. Abolishes income tax
3. Abolishes IRS; creates 14% flat rate non-essential “new items only” sales tax revenue for government
4. Increases benefits to senior citizens
5. Returns Constitutional Law to all our courts and legal matters.
6. Establishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA’s announcement
7. Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups
8. Creates new US Treasury currency, “rainbow currency,” backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals
9. Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law
10. Eliminates the Federal Reserve System
11. Restores financial privacy
12. Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law
13. Ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide
14. Establishes peace throughout the world
15. Initiates first phase of worldwide prosperity distribution of vast wealth which has been accumulating for many decades. The law requires that the farmer claims to be paid first before the general public receives funds.
16. Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes
17. Enables the release of new technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup, and sonic healing machines.