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I have been trying not to be provocative, but the last email you sent me has been lingering in my mind and bothering me to the point that I am forced to respond. Have you ever walked into a black neighbourhood before and personally witnessed a case where a black woman had all sorts of babies and boyfriends and collected so much from welfare that she could live in a nice, big, clean house? If such were the case I can guarantee you that the poor would be fornicating like crazy and not living in the conditions as they do. Just because you see a youtube video or something that can be filmed on a home video camera and circulated around the internet does not make it established fact. You have to think a little. There is a constant movement to crush the poor and wipe out the middle class by the top 1%, and by believing in such nonsense and spreading it around the internet you are only playing into their hands. When watching her she looked like an amateur actor who was following a script. it would be easy for some rich white trash to pretend they are making a movie, lie to this girl what her role is about, dazzle a few girls with the prospect of making some money in a movie and get her to say this nonsense in front of a camera.Americais so indebted and the 1% want to keep reducing welfare payments in favour of their wars around the world so their buddies and themselves can keep profiting from the war and subsequent reconstruction machine. I consider myself an educated person because I regularly read from reliable sources – freelance journalists who speak the truth and who are not subject to executives in the corporate lamestream presstitute. These little videos are absolute nonsense and anyone can make them with a video camera. If you consider this source of news reflecting reality, that is your choice, but please do not send me anything like this again. You have been sending me some nice stuff occasionally, but this totally misinformed propaganda is quite disturbing.

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That’s after his tripling in the first quarter, and he apparently also completely pulled out all his investments into the financial markets during the second quarter, so I’m guessing the long awaited super burst of the financial bubble is around the corner, to give you additional warning. Been reading that the world debt is something like 1.5 thousand trillion dollars, while the combined world GDP is something like 65 trillion. All those derivative and other markets inflating the shit out of everything over the decades. Financial reset button about to be pressed, new currencies developed, everyone’s life savings evaporated, same ol same ol chess moves by the asshole 1%.

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Soros, Paulson Boost Gold-Fund Stakes

Barron’s (blog)

Hedge-fund manager George Soros nearly tripled his stake in the most popular U.S. gold fund during the second quarter, last night’s portfolio disclosures show. Soros Fund Management held 884400 shares of the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) as of June 30, …


> > > Check this shit out…   No wonder our weather is fucked

> > >

got this from my brother believe it or not.

don’t do utube, but been reading about it enough. Recently one article explained what contrails are: condensation trails. Basically from ice crystals. Those white trails should disappear within seconds and not remain hanging there forever. Read a lot more about it before and nice that the sleepy heads are starting to wake up to shit like this.

those jet streams are massive over brittany and they don’t just blow away but the vegetables here are really nice. a bit pricey but this is france. are they dumping on us as well? 

I heard lots of freaky theories. I think the main purpose is paid by the oil companies so they can keep pumpin out shit for global warming, so the shit they put in the sky is to compensate for it and help keep things cooler. But while doing so they have other agendas on the menu. Whole host of theories. Apparently started in 1992 I think.

i believe it’s monsanto.

they could be manufacturing it for sure. But while they are up there spraying and geo engineering, sure, they might have their own agenda, and I think I read one theory that they are genetically modifying everything, maybe even humans. Good prospects of super control over the population in the future if everything turns into terminator seeds and we are forced to buy all our seeds and pesticides from a monopoly copany in order to survive, or if we all start getting strange diseases and cancers that, “miraculously”, monsato already happens to have to some cure for. Apparently even bill gates saw huge potential and future profits in this and jumped on that bandwagon, masquerading as charity and forcing african children to get vaccinated with their crap.


Good to here from you again. Where abouts have you been? Yeah, there is a lot of ideological stuff on Piratebay. It’s good it’s there, everybody should get to publish there bit, but don’t simply believe everything you see and read. Most of the so called documentaries are just propaganda. Every interest group has them.

hey man, doin good. Still living in Thailand on paradise island, but that may slowly come to an end, as I’m starting to run into visa problems.

In this case, as is often throughout history, the government is the propaganda machine. The government most of whose funding comes from corporations, or the 1%, who profit from the war machine. It’s all a logical string. Two weeks after 911 I received an email which made sense and already back then I believed in all this. Since then more and more evidence has been amassing. You really should watch the documentary. Interviews of engineers, architects and scientists. Buildings simply do not freefall like that, without any resistance, without something to remove the resistance. Three skysrapers do not fall like that because of little office fires. They never have in history. Even red neck Vladimir, an architect, could not believe it was possible. It isn’t. This documentary explains the scientific impossibility behind it. Red molten iron was pouring out of the buildings before they collapsed, and office fires or jet fuel cannot generate enough heat to melt iron. Nano thermite explosives were used and that is the only explanation. You really should watch the documentary and not believe the bullshit mass media. The 1% are playing an evil game for their own greed and to maintain power, and it is not just some conspiracy “theory”. I’ve been reading about all this intensely since two weeks after 911 and it all fits together. What “interest” could all these groups possibly have to spit out one documentary after another screaming of what is going on? They are simply trying to reveal the truth. Right after it happened they carted off all the debris and recycled it in China. These are simply not normal procedures and there should have been a proper examination of the debris. Buildings do not turn into 85% dust just because of a little office fire. It is nano thermite explosions, advanced military technology, which pulverizes metal and concrete. If you watched their simple, empirical explanation you’d see how absurd and farcical the official explanation is.


Short video synopsis of what is happening. 1 minute in makes it pretty clear. If you are an American and delude yourself in believing the official 911 story, and refuse to consider the consequences of that staged event, you are committing a moral crime in history. The sleeping sheeple concerned only about comfiness and “security”. The next Nazi uprising is happening right on your doorstep and if you don’t wake up soon and start doing something about it, you will suffer the consequences. And unfortunately also much of the rest of the world.

Just saw John Pilger’s latest documentary “The War You Don’t See”, which shows how the mainstream media is being manipulated to portray an entirely different picture than what is actually happening on the ground (such as in Iraq), and the lies propagated by military and government leading up to the various wars perpetually waged around the planet. There were no WMDs in Iraq and Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons (all that has been dismantled since 1998 under UN supervision). The usual spin by captains of industry and war, testimony given by such well-known journalists as Dan Rather. Do not believe anything the mainstream media has to say. They get most of their revenues from corporations, if they are not outright owned by them, so that is who they serve. Not the general public or democracy.

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