How to convince a non-believer

This can be very tricky indeed. You can talk about it until you are blue in the face, but once people dismiss you as a fringe conspiracy theorist, the best response you can expect from them is a rolling of the eyes, “talk to my hand”, perhaps a cute pat on the head, or a point-blank and terrifying Facebook unsubscribe. Then you might as well be talking to yourself, or to those who agree with you, and we lose the battle.

Since humans are a social animal, not equipped with sharp teeth and other tools to survive well in nature on their own, they have conglomerated into social groups of conformity. Most have an innate instinct of fear with the prospect of rejection or ostricization by the group. For which reason they tend to follow the common view.

Hitler’s propaganda minister, Goebles < , declared that the simplest way to manipulate a population is to keep repeating an idea, on a large scale, until it becomes standard accepted.

This same approach is practiced by the 1%. With at least 60% of the world’s wealth, it is understandable that they would invest a suitable portion of that to control the media, as 96% of it is run by six mega companies. To serve their agenda, it is imperative that no doubt is cast on their propaganda machine. The “free” press is always portrayed as a shining beacon of democracy. In movies the president of a country is almost always portrayed as a respectable, ethical and sound person, in full control of the industrial military complex and never swayed by the massive lobby groups whose campaign contributions paid for the ridiculous amount of billboards and advertising that helped place him into power. A person of integrity that upholds the very foundation of a just and beautiful democracy.

Conspiracy theorists, whether mentioned in the “news” or acted on TV, are almost always portrayed as fringe lunatics who only deserve ridicule. “Connecting the dots”, they say with a sneer. But isn’t connecting the dots how one proves any theory in the first place? If most people automatically respond with cynicism and ridicule of anyone connecting any dots, you know there is something gravely wrong with a society which fears to ask any questions or challenge the popular notion.

But such is human nature. Over the years I have compiled some arguments and approaches to help crack this hard nut of instant disbelief.

If someone immediately refutes you on the grounds that everyone else couldn’t possibly be wrong, point out to them how many hundreds or thousands of years most of humanity believed that the world was flat, simply because the Catholic church said so and everyone else believed it. Yet if you look out over the ocean you can see the slight curve in its surface. Or you might ask a simple question: “If the world was flat, wouldn’t the water run off the edges?” Do you ever see in nature some bizarre wall grown naturally that would hold water in like this? Yet the majority is perfectly willing to go along with this, because it is easier than going against the main current. In this way you can discredit any argument which is based on strength in majority.

The same test was conducted 30-40 years apart whereby a scientist would ask the test subject to press a red button. In the next room was an actor who would holler pain every time the button was pressed. The scientist would slowly turn up the dial and continue to assure the subject that it is okay to press the button. As the numbers on the dial became higher, each time the button was pressed the actor would scream louder and plead louder for the torture to stop. 66% of those tested would ask, “Are you sure it is okay to keep pressing?” And when assured that it was indeed okay to do so, they continued. Meaning that only one third of people are actually prepared to contradict the will of the authorities in a “conscientious objector” manner or of what is generally accepted. Further proof that relying on the popular notion is not a sound foundation for determining the truth.

Another argument <highlight points in some way> is to ask them, “Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq? Then what the crap are they still doing there, dropping bombs on weddings filled with innocent children and pregnant mothers, when no correlation was found between Al Queda and 911, or WMD found in Iraq? It eventually surfaced that the original intelligence reports on the matter were faulty/fudged, and now the likes of Bush and Rumsfeld< cannot travel to countries like France, Spain or Malaysia because their top courts charged them with crimes against humanity. But why isn’t this supposedly glorious free press screaming bloody murder that they were lied to on such an important issue?” Sometimes provocation or shock is necessary to wake someone up from their slumber. “How would you feel if a foreign country sent remote controlled bombs into yours, dropping them on innocent people, based on false pretences? As far as I’m concerned, the person who presses the button to drop the bomb is the same as the person who makes the decision to press the button, or the person who makes the button or the bomb, or the person who turns a blind eye to that button being pressed – they are all murderers.”

Some might say, “I do not want to trouble myself with all these theories – I find them disturbing and would rather focus on positive matters, helping those around me.” The majority acted the same way before WW2 under Hitler in Germany. “Evil flourishes when good people stand idle.” When people are idle too long, it gets to a point when it becomes too late to do something about it, when the boots of war come crashing at your doorstep.

To continue with the shock therapy, as they continue to roll their eyes, since you are challenging everything they have been raised to believe, you can ask them, “I suppose you are one of those who still let themselves be brainwashed by the TV? Have you ever heard of the 1%? Can you even define what that is?” “Sure, they have a lot of money.” Point out to them how much that is, that the mainstream media (including shows and movies) are controlled by so few companies, and it makes sense that they would be heavily invested into this industry. “After all, to control the flow of information is to control the population. If the mainstream has proven itself to spread disinformation and not do anything about it when they find out they were lied to, why do you continue to revere them as a reliable news source, and scoff at any other any other? Do you have 250 million dollars to throw around and fund the production of a movie?”

Or some argue, “I cannot believe that the entire government is in on this.” What a naïve argument. Of course every single civil servant, or perhaps even the president, is not aware of what is going on. Like the structure of the free masons, only certain people at the very top (of the puppet strings, not necessarily at the top of the visible power structure) know everything that is going on, while information is gradually filtered out on a need-to-know basis the further you go down the 33 levels of the pyramid. Until you get to the bottom, the broad base of the pyramid, which encompasses the majority but who know the least.

You can find many explanations about 911, including recorded conversations between military personnel who were rather baffled by all the flights that day (jets were ordered out to sea so they would not be able to get back in time, if needed). It was mayhem in the skies that day, by design. Such orders come from the top down and generally no-one questions them or tries to piece it all together the next day. It is too much to chew for most people. That and even the thought that they could be misled so much. Most people do not even want to consider such a notion, with its implications. Which is precisely why such a stunt is possible.

Follow this by the media blaring away its disinformation and various untruths on how it happened, people quickly hop on the bandwagon and follow whatever they are fed.

And since the propaganda theories are perpetuated on a constant basis in the news and tv shows and movies afterwards, they get so ingrained in the popular psyche that most consider it utterly absurd to believe anything else.

And then you are back to square one, where most believe one argument, because it is repeated so often and is prolific throughout all the media, where to stand against this general belief once again threatens one with ostricization from the group. So the majority of people willingly jump on the bandwagon and take comfort in snuggling themselves within the warmth of the penguin pack.

But two can play that game and I find that repeating my arguments, well-targeted and over and over again, helps to unravel this programming and conditioning. Although it may take some time (as does the initial programming).

I had a friend who was notorious at ignoring anyone else’s advice and at rambling out loud his own perspective. As a successful business plan I saw a blatant flaw in one of his strategies and, over a period of a year, I would repeat my thoughts to him, in different ways and on different occasions.

One day he started rambling my proposal as if it was his very own idea. It seemed that my proposal had percolated through the web of his opinions until it started bubbling up from beneath, when he accepted and willingly embraced it as his own idea, proudly proclaiming it to me.

So forget about turning a major leaf over in a single evening of rambunctious and hot-blooded exchanges. Simply pepper the conversations with your thoughts. Instead of repeating a common idiom, “If you believe that, I’ve got some property for sale in Florida,” (there used be a wide-spread scam of selling property to victims who presumed that all property in that state was comprised of beaches in tropical weather, until they learned they had inherited marshland and alligators with no prospect of building a home on it), you might say, “Yah right, and with today’s technology it is possible that a Malaysian airliner evaporates in thin air with absolutely no trace.”

Do not get hostile and in people’s face, calling them stupid and putting them on the defensive, so that they only put on their blinders, but simply pepper the conversations with such comments, using humour instead. Just look at Russel Brand<. That guy spills the beans like no other, yet he applies humour to it, so it is more readily swallowed. Even if the rational mind may dismiss it as a joke, the subconscience absorbs it with gravity. I once saw a clip of the audience during one of his rambles and you could see in their eyes that they were in somewhat of a shock that such things could be even mentioned on the mainstream, but it was apparent to me that, deep down inside or in the back of their minds, they already suspected all this! They just weren’t prepared to share these secrets with others.

In fact, most people are too scared to even face their own sub consciousness. One eastern monk expressed dismay that most people in western society do not meditate because they fear what they might find when they look inside. No wonder it is easy to manipulate their thinking, most easily with the tools of fear (action > solution etc. by David Icke < link to – add David Icke to reading list, and Russel Brand>).

So keep absorbing information from the good sources and repeat it where you can, always in a way that will not turn most people off, but in a way which might provoke thought in the matter. Sneak it in to conversation as a thought-in-passing. They say that we only use 6% of our brains, but who knows what all goes on in the subconscious. Plant your seeds of thought there and circumvent any confrontation with the rational mind of your opponents or patients.

With the internet, ideas not endorsed by the puppeteers can be more easily spread, and we actually now stand a chance of waking up in a collective consciousness of seeing through the veil and understanding their game. I read one article which explained that the tipping point is around 13-15%. First you have the hardcore truthies, who crack through the sealed end of the pea pod. It takes great effort to convince the next pea in line, each one subsequently passing on the news once they are convinced, until it reaches this 13-15% magic barrier. Once that much of humanity believes in the same concept, the rest are so much more ready to jump on the bandwagon and freely roll out of the pod without hindrance. After all, they might be left behind and lonely! So once they see enough of the peas stirring in their seat, haste overtakes them and they all flee the old pod as if the basement were consumed in raging flame. We are apparently close to this tipping point, with more and more people distrusting the mainstream press and an explosion in growth of independent news sources. We need to hasten this further, because the power brokers are well aware of this dangerous scenario and will undertake all measures to maintain their grip of control. After all, WW3 is in their plan of establishing the New World Order of complete domination over humanity under a single structure. Lets not let WW3 happen. It is a race against time.

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