I have a life question for everyone: in these lamestream times do people of the world question simple intelligence?

I assume you saw the opening ceremonies? I didn’t, as I don’t have and am happily done with the television and all the crap it spews out, but I’d be curious if any of this article “rings a bell” with you:

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Rather long and I only read the first third but seems pretty interesting. I assume you will say that it is the most idiotic thing you’ve ever heard of in your life, but I’m coming to the conclusion that a lot more is at play than what seems to most people, and I am only glad that my travels have freed me from the lamestream presstitute and the brainwashing TV. Occasionally when I go to bars I always turn my back to the television and watch the faces of people stare up at it, zoned out as if their brains are being erased right before my eyes. Flashing images and brain programming.

you know if I wanted to, there was so much going on in the opening ceremony that I could write an essay about symbols pertaining to Islam,Judaism,satanism,atheism,scientology etc etc etc, there was nothing in it except a tribute to the history of britain ,inclusiveness and patriotism,things that are sadly lacking in most people.It was brilliant. I dont insult your intelligence,I just excersise the same right as you enjoy of having and sometimes voicing my opinion which just happens to be different to yours.

Hey, glad that your response was positive, as I feared you would be angry. To tell you the truth I felt rather humiliated when I was staying with you inLondonand there were a lot of problems I held inside, because of my financial situation and I didn’t want to make waves. I felt you perceived me as an idiot a lot of times. Then when you said “I know your more intelligent than that” regarding the vaccine hypothesis, that struck a sore not and I guess I responded in this way. I can disagree with many people as well but I would never question their intelligence out loud like this, even though I feel I have greater right than those who question my intelligence for believing this stuff. I’ve just read too many articles on various subjects and it’s blatantly obvious to me that humanity is being totally raped by the 1%. It  is not fantastical thinking to say that the 1% have been buying in to the lamestream over the ages, manipulating it either through their greatest source of revenue – advertising – or simply by buying them up. Where are these weapons of mass destruction that have warranted the invasion ofIraq? They were not found, yet they stay there and continue to bomb children and innocent people. Evidence has surfaced that the intel was grossly manipulated (supported by both theUSand theUK), and a war crimes tribunal inKuala Lumpurhas sentenced Bush and Cheney and all those assholes, such that if they ever step their foot intoMalaysiaor other country which respects their verdict they’ll throw them into jail. Of course its just a small country relative to theUSand other forces would probably take them out of jail, but just the fact that they came to this verdict provides further proof. The lamestream never reports stuff like this and I no longer trust it. I have found sources that I trust, ranging from investment related sites, one guy who digs deep into the military complex, and so forth. There are many sites and freelance journalists who make their money from advertising on their site and don’t have to answer to an editor, who has to answer to the executives, whose jobs are to satisfy the advertisers, owners or string pullers. There are documentaries and books and all sorts of info out there which shame the lamestream, and the only argument I get from people who blindly believe in that source of information is, “Oh, c’mon now.” That’s it. Perhaps question my intelligence. The 1% are manipulating with the stock markets, inflating these cyclical swings and pulling out or transferring their wealth at key times, pulling the carpet from beneath the rest of us while they get richer. It is simple manipulation. The type of people who scratch and claw their way to the 1% are not honest businessmen who are successful because they provide a good service, but because they are very intelligent, shrewd, and will do whatever it takes, because they are starving for power. Or families which are very rich hire the best people to make sure they keep it that way. It is simple logic and nothing fantastical about it. Or they will pump up nationalism and stimulate what people would consider their identity, because then the 99% tend to get more defensive when these belief structures are challenged. Sure, I can see it seems fantastical, but if those who argue against me actually turned over a few rocks and started to investigate, open the can of worms and stir them around a bit, they would see it for themselves. But all these people refuse to even begin to consider it and simply remain safe in their present beliefs. I’ve even dabbled into David Icke and a lot of what he says makes sense. If you think there are a million times a million stars in one galaxy, a million times a million galaxies in the universe, who knows how many universes, who knows how many dimensions, it is as absurd to think we are the only “intelligent” life out there as to think that the world is flat and the stars revolve around us (not to mention that our sun is only 4.6 billion years old, while the centre of the galaxy or universe is 9.6, so much more time to develop than us – we are just tadpoles who have only recently discovered basic technology. And most of humanity is not much more intelligent than orangutans). Yet almost everyone believed it and if anyone questioned it they would be in the same self-denial. A simple question: if the world is flat, why don’t the oceans deplete off the edge? An absolutely simple question which I’m sure I would have brought up myself. Most people just want to remain in their comfy cubby hole and keep the status quo, as long as they got food on their table and their life is okay. That is why the 1% can manipulate us over the millennia. Putting fluoride in our water and claiming it is good for our teeth, when scientific studies have serious questioned this, even to the contrary, and the Nazis used it on the Jews to pacify them and dumb them down. It is a byproduct of industry and perhaps difficult to get rid of, so what a great way to get rid of it. Tesla approached the UN with free energy, but they responded, “We can’t make money from that”. Nuclear energy doesn’t make sense, unless you want a means to create bombs. Pot is illegal because it is an amazing wonder plant from which you can make fuel, better paper, can cure cancer and all sorts of diseases – but you can’t patent it, hence cannot make money from it. Definitely less harmful than alcohol. There is so much shit going on and everyone just continues their life in a total daze, believing everything is hunky dorey. The entire financial system is on the verge of collapse yet the lamestream continues to paint a rosey picture. We are headed for serious trouble. Pension funds will be wiped off the map. I’ve already bought my little chunk of gold. I believe they will cause another false flag like 911 and time it with the next, super collapse, to mobilize the masses to a third world war. That is their plan, as laid out by Albert Pike sometime around 1880, the top freemason in the US in a letter to the top dude in Europe, where he said that a succession of three world wars are necessary to finally clamp down on the masses. The first one to stomp out the royalty and set up a nazi state, the second to crush the Nazis and set up communism inRussia, and the last sparked betweenIsraeland the muslims. Hair stands on my neck every time I read that and I can send it to you if you like. So not only am I angry when I see everyone is totally oblivious to what is really going on, while the 1% destroys nature everywhere, the IMF and other organizations a tool to force third world countries to servitude and indebtedness. To pay back these insurmountable debt they have to give up their natural resources. It’s all a very careful and intelligent plan. The people at the top are not simple honest business folks providing a good service. So it angers me more when someone who is asleep and believes the fantasy questions my intelligence. I’ve been trying to wake people up but it has been slow going, but more and more people are shifting to independent media, which is exploding, just as they are trying to pass laws to shut down the internet or websites on the premise of copyright. They are fighting back and they will pull the trigger. They already have an extensive network of underground bunkers they can hide in if they release some contagious bird flue or whatever else they have up their sleeves. Anyway, you can imagine how absurd things start to look when you turn over stones and start seeing things and everyone just goes on ladida like nothing. We are living in truly pivotal times at the moment and something really big is in the making. I’m also concerned for you three and if they will pull a false flag on the Olympics. k


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