If you turn a blind eye you are a murderer

This may seem like a harsh accusation, but not only is it technically true, but sometimes people need a harsh reality pill to wake them up from their easy lazy slumber.

When Bush first invaded Iraq, he did so on the premise that it was building weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But a year later it came to light that this “intelligence” was falsified. At the time the Republicans controlled both the Senate and the Congress, a rarity in history, and they were gung ho and ready to implement a long planned and prepared for attack of the Middle East.

But when this falsification finally did come to light, did the “free” press scream bloody murder and demand heads to be rolled because it was lied to by its government and used as a vehicle to send its country’s soldiers off to die in a distant land? No. Perhaps a little peep before it announced a distraction of a bombing here or there, as it often does. This is proof that it is not a free press after all but following the agenda of its masters.


But setting that aside, what have you done about it? On this false premise the US has dropped its multi-million dollar cruise missiles on weddings, citing that MAYBE there were some terrorists there. How would you feel if a country on the other side of the world used or fabricated falsified intelligence about your country to drop bombs on weddings, full of innocent children and pregnant mothers, because maybe there was a terrorist among them? Justified collateral damage in the name of some sense of security. I am sure there would be a great uprising and most would lunge at the opportunity to press the red button and demand an all out nuclear attack.

The way I look at it, none of what the power elite are getting away with would be possible if most of society did not turn a blind eye to what they are doing. In the name of some sort of notion of security. Therefore, the people who design the bomb, press the button to drop the bomb, give the command to design and drop the bomb, and turn a blind eye to all this in the name of their own feeling of security are guilty of murdering innocent children and pregnant mothers.

childrenThis is still going on. Will you continue to take comfort in your life and false sense of security, while the building of the police state moves forward? One day all your rights will have been whittled away and it will be too late to do anything about it. Think about that before you lay your head down to rest tonight.

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