Images in the Mainstream Plant Death Weapons in People

Documentary – Money is Debt

received an article of top ten “conspiracy” must-see documentaries and this one was pretty good. explained for babies, with little cartoons, but now it makes sense what money is. man, this system is going to pop and so many people are going to lose their entire life savings. but it definitely needs to be safe. not sure if it will fall back on gold again, so I could lose a chunk of that, but will keep it as a super backup anyway, but it cannot be based on debt anymore, as for that to work it depends on increased consumption (or waste), and governments can issue interest-free money without the need for banks. always wondered why in canada the biggest buildings in cities were banks, now I know. and I can see God’s wisdom in telling us not to apply usury (interest on debt). it is the rotten core of the entire system.

The Untold history of the United States

interesting documentary by Oliver Stone. Nice light stuff for evening viewing, but has opened up some interesting perspectives for me, and I now see the big Red/Communist scare in the US after WW2 was just a nice ploy to give more power to the corporations and stomp out any socialist notions, such as unions. the industrial military machine was born and its hunger insatiable. imperialism revealed its capitalist face.

Google plus to take over the world

Interesting, just noticed a facebook feature offering a translation of someone’s comment. When I put my mouse over it it said “translation by bing”. Does this mean that facebook is gonna team up with Microsoft against google?

you’ve been reading the news

don’t really do so much front page reading and more into behind the scenes plays and analyses. don’t have the luxury of having your job, but should have heard more from the seo bunch. interesting but I guess expected play against g+, teaming up and car…See More

Don’t play the game, but read that FB made a new deal with a different translator. I’ll leave the analysis up to you. Sounds like you’ve got them sussed though.

hmm, I can see how they can go a bit viral on this by allowing people to tweak translations as part of conversations, and use those tweaks to improve the translation. once a super computer gets intelligent enough it will have access to pretty well everything, and google is apparently well on its way with that and its voice recognition program

Ra Bob All part and parcel of the same beast, m8:

yah, and people will be planting chips in their brains for expanded memory, nanoworms will fall from chemtrails to rewire our synopses, robots here we come

and parents planting chips in their children for ‘security’ so they can GPS them in case they get lost, run away or get kidnapped.

they’re already doing it with pets

apparently the cia or whatever plants chips in mexican prisoners, releasing them back home so they can make a b-line to the den, fully equipped with gps and sound. may take a little while before they manage to hook it up to the eyeballs

Ra Bob why should the cia bother to spend money on planting chips on the broader population when the broader population is willing to be suckered into actually paying to have chips implanted in themselves.


Terror images inflaming the drumbeats of war


I’m thrilled that the U.S. is ready to fulfill a moral obligation to try to even the playing field between the freedom fighters and the unconscionable murderous dictator’s death squads. Great news.

just be certain that what the mainstream is feeding us is legit, like WMD to justify attacking Iraq, the Libya fiasco.. It is much cheaper for the US to stir commotion and supply rebels than to make the massive diplomatic statement of putting its own troops on the ground. They are playing a chess game in the middle east and encircling Iran. So far I have found all claims against Iran’s nuclear program just further lies.

I do take a no stand on what is happening in Syria as it is so complicated and yet to see when America gets involved that anything becomes better for the people of the land and know full well that on Bush’s watch…he really wanted Syria too…and that American political or religious agendas probably have not changed with the change in president.

the mainstream has lied or not reported important things too many times to be trusted at all. With these types of things they always work on your emotions, like showing blown up body parts of the boston bombing, where later it was proposed that they were actors with preripped clothes. I hope everyone seriously questions anything the mainstream has to say and seek independent media sources they trust. There are plenty out there. Don’t be spoonfed important info like this.

9/11? The Boston Bombings? Bengazi? I agree that the waters are murky and there’s more to all of these stories than the media is reporting but in the care of Syria’s Civil War? Too many reporters from different countries and news organizations have reported that Pro Assad militias have committed atrocities against civilians. There’s no logical reason to believe that all of these disparate sources and hundreds of journalists and reporters are in on some kind of hidden agenda. The regime wants to hang onto their power and will do anything to keep it. Agendas and ambiguities aside, if arming the rebels will result in the death of Assad and the end of his regime; I salute and support the decision whole heartedly.

well, I don’t have tv and I’m quite glad I’m not exposed to any of these horrific images. immediate news comes to me a day or two later, followed by analyses from sources I trust. and I constantly see one incident or another inflaming emotions in people who are exposed to these images, and always some great justification, which most often is later exposed as farce. I’ve been reading their inflamatory comments, russians sending fancy missiles down there, israel warning russia, china siding with russia… it’s all a big tinder box and these inflamatory images certainly do not help. and when it’s time to go to war and further drain humanity of its savings and make tons of profits, inflame the embers further, sneak in a few advisors and fancy weapons, stir up commotion on a local level. This has been going on and on and on and, from my perspective, it’s all part of the same chessgame. They’ve been eyeing syria for a long while and it’s all part of the same master chess plan for the middle east and world. if you want regime change then you drop flowers and food and pamphlets, or spread love. supporting rebels and stirring commotion only adds to their coffers, so please spare me your emotional justification for sending weapons into an already heated tinder box. there is no justification for all the bombs they dropped on weddings etc., because perhaps there was a t_rr * ist there. it is such bullshit. as weapons become more sophisticated the civilian death toll percentage increases. collateral damage my F’in ass. It gone from some 33% in WW2 to some 95% now. america, please pull all your we_pons out and onto your own soil. we do not need you as a police state. you are not getting safer because of all those civilian rights which have been trompled practically out of existence. no terrorists are flying planes into buildings, which do not collapse freefall into rubble because of a little office fire. the theatre of t+r* sm is outsourcing from there. please stop. I am so glad I don’t have to stare at those inflamatory images, because they really do pierce through the heart and you quickly lose proper perspective.

I have no illusions about the evils of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex and their thousands of hidden agendas and media manipulations but this particular case, the end justifies the means. Whatever will result in the death of Assad is a good and necessary thing.

glad to hear we’re on a lot of same pages mate. I’m just urging everyone to be weary whenever someone gets demonised by the mainstream. if he really was

doing such atrocities then I’m for a solution, and there are many, but not military intervention or arming insurgents. they’re playing the same game over and over again and it’s evidently all part of a master chess game. kidoffee was doing a lot of good for his people, as was kastroe, and I believe we should step back and away from these image bombardments, because they inflame emotion. sadam was buddies with the cia etc., but once he started whistling another tune they had to replace him. middle east too important for global control. I’m skeptical of any claims of atrocities and not for sending any weapons anywhere. how do you really know that the horific images plastered on the screen are not staged by actors wearing the prescribed costume, no matter what side it is? these games have been going on as long as mass media has surfaced, in whatever form. don’t claim to be a white knight in armour saving the oppressed of another nation or somewhere over there and justify yourself by throwing any fuel in the fire whatsoever. there are peaceful means (and I’m NOT talking about sanctions) to releave suffering everywhere and I believe that all of these images, which have proven false after the fact umpteen times but nothing is done about it, are targetted to inflame wars and keep the till ringing, x dollars for every bullet fired, bomb dropped etc.

No argument whatsoever with your comments mate! I just want to see Assad dead. Period.

More conspiracy rants.

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