Long Hair in the Military Can Wake People

Forwarded emails easily just another propaganda media tool of the puppeteers

Hey Liba, found a piece from my independent news sources (this just a news clip in email and didn’t bother to read the whole online article):

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano issued veiled threats, claiming that automatic budget cuts, known as sequestration, could trigger new terror attacks by reducing operations funds and delaying processing times ahead of March 1, when cuts begin.

The Secretary further warned that β€œthe U.S. Border Patrol will be forced to furlough agents, costing nearly a quarter of the workforce,” while the White House threatened that illegal immigrants could flood the borders as a result (as they hypocritically mull a costly amnesty)

This is so carefully worded to play on your fears of Mexicans storming over the border and terrorist attacks increasing as a result of the budget cuts to the military. What terrorist attacks? The US has turned into such a police state I don’t think any terrorist stands the slightest chance against this military monster. At its start the Afghan war cost 80 billion dollars a month. Add to that the US bases all over the world, with its various campaigns, and the military budget is ridiculous. It all gives profits to the captains of industry, who make all these destructive toys. The government is in bed with big business and media and all this hype is fabricated to justify a worldwide network of military bases for world domination of the upcoming new world order. The politicians talk and write about this all the time. They are just milking the American population for all its worth, now on an active campaign to take their guns away. It is all a chess game and they probably plan to let America collapse and take over as a world government under UN. America has so overextended itself and is so much massive debt, the baby boomers will all start to want their retirement. I think the emails you receive are carefully written and designed to ferment your fears. It is the new form of communication, and it’s free. I see how they act on your fears, but there are much more things to worry about than some Mexicans crossing the border or terrorists on US soil. They are distracting you away from the real culprit of terror, which is the military industrial machine that Lindon Johnson (I think is his name) warned about during his president exit speech. A good BBC documentary about that, as this was just after WW2 and Johnson was right there as the machine exploded onto the scene. I know that, from your perspective, I must seem like a conspiracy loving lunatic, but how they are playing this chess game is very genius. I’ve read deep into it and have to almost tip my hat. My respect for love and nature though prevents me from doing that. Happy chattin! πŸ™‚

Wake them up from the Matrix

Yo man, pursuant to the last fb post of yours that I responded to, wanted to run an idea across you. Personally, unless the aliens save us or the good of us lot ascend to the next level or whatever, I believe humanity is pretty well doomed, cause even if enough of us woke up to do anything about it the 1% will just hide in their bunkers for a while after dropping a few vials at busy international airports. I’ve read their plans and its outright horrific. Anyway, I think our best strategy, if we are to succeed, is to start trading with one another, f*ck taxes and supporting the large corporations/1% to whatever degree is possible. I was thinking of a simple website which would explain to people the situation, in as simple and kind words as possible, to wake them up. Like a presentation. Provide documentaries, designs for pamphlets, instructions how to wake up others etc. Rather than trying to post your views on yahoo, huffington post or any mainstream media, you need to work on people around you. Once they wake up urge them to wake up others around them. Once they wake up then they can go to this website as a source to educate themselves further and empower themselves with the tools to do so. But I’m finding it next to impossible to even wake people I’m in contact with. Anyway, just a thought. Otherwise my best strategy might be just to work on myself and hope I’m one of those people in the last day, as it says in the bible, who are “taken up” and spared from what will happen. K

Website to wake up the sleeping masses

couldn’t find a way how to send an invite to you by email. you can find me by searching for kenaxx. my profile is public. i’ve also been occasionally saving my facebook profile with all the outbound links, in case fb one day cancels my account or something. I think most friends have unsubscribed from me, so they do not see my wall posts. banner blindness, as they say in seo. I was toying with the idea of making some website with easily memorable name which could serve as a starting point for those who are asleep. start with some very basic facts that won’t scare them away, and very slowly bring on the gore that sounds remotely conspiracy, as these people would have been brainwashed by the mainstream to ridicule anything contradictory to their word. once partially convinced they can research further along the provided links and sources of quality and independent media. and then some links to download “conspiracy” documentaries, educating them how they can be self sufficient of any government and so on. A call to action to boycott, as much as possible, anything produced by the 1% or any organization which acts in accordance to the nwo agenda. Pull the carpet right from under them and bankrupt those assholes. Buy from local farmers, promote trade with one another without taxes, learn to grow own food in background and we as humanity can be totally self sufficient and not dependent on some system. The site would also provide digital pamphlets which can be printed out and distribute locally, perhaps education instructions on ways how to wake up others, showing documentaries and talking about it. You know of any such site, or think it is a good idea?

Nokia and 711

beer from 7-11 is a good thing if the price is right. monsanto is in control don’t worry. you waking up people? is that a laugh or reality? why would you buy something for 60 euros when you can buy it for 10?

It’s 53baht at 711, 55 in a thai shop not far away (to which almost no one goes), and 60 at the place nearest to me. 711 is a mega corporation and I no longer want to support the mega corporations, whenever possible, but pay a little bit extra to support individual humans, who are not part of the system, don’t have to work at 711 etc., and are more free. we need to support one another and free ourselves from the big boys. explained that more in my article, yes it was mine. want to get more active. got some feedback and venues to explore. will create a slow cooking burner for this, but if you read what they have planned for us and did nothing about it, except almost nothing, if they pull it off I think you’d regret not trying more.

they are all made in the same place. i’m really glad i did not take your advise on apple or gold. i’ve got a lot of nokia, bought it near the bottem, i believe they are going to eat apple and google alive internationally. wouldn’t touch microsoft with a 10 foot pole

gold is like a backup, cause with all this fiat currency printing something’s sure to pop. soros pulled a bit out of gold last quarter, paulson holding at 44%. things seem cheery now maybe to the 90% sheep but a bubble is brewing in the background. if it super pops and currencies crash, I think gold is something solid to fall back. banks are buying it up consistently. it’s quite interesting for me actually, as it is connected to a lot of things, but for now my thousand bucks is plenty.

ms is a long term slow but solid up i’d say, cause apparently they’re making good decisions to enter the mobile market, and they’re pretty well the total monopoly on these office/business solutions which can synchronise with phone and work and home etc. So they’ll have a really good grip on the business mobile market and it at least made sense to me, for long term shit.

since Job went I can see the share price crashing, cause every time he goes they start making stupid decisions, but the iTV is supposedly close to rolling out, so I think they’ll ride that sale for a while and it could go up well medium+ term.

my new phone is nokia, pretty stable company i’d say. scandinavians are solid people. I don’t know, i’m not an investor but i’m interested about developments. studied economics and find how the world is intertwined and developing rather fascinating.

Police and Long Hair

Now I know why the police are generally against men with long hair. Read a secret report how, during the Vietnam war, the army was testing Native Americans with special skills to sense people’s presence etc. in jungles, but when they cut their hair they lost their power. They continued experimenting and, sure enough, those natives who had their hair cut lost their power while those who didn’t, know as part of the second round of tests, didn’t. They came to the conclusion that our hair is an extension of our nervous system, connected into our cervical cord. So such people should naturally … (oops, lots of women have power and they don’t have super powers). Perhaps because these hippy type men generally think for themselves, preach love and are more likely to be against the establishment. I don’t have experience that long haired people are lazier, freeloading and all that that they police are trained to think.

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