People Don’t Feel the Media is Down on Society

Obamacare and gun grabs

🙂 Except I’m actually in favor of gov’t sponsored health care – I had too many scary experiences getting laid off and then not being able to afford an extension of my company-sponsored health plan. Am curious how Obama’s plan is going to shake out…

at first my reaction was that obamacare is going a good direction, but after reading some articles from what I consider intelligent and independent sources, it was explained that it’s written in such a way to basically bankrupt and enslave the population even more. sort of hodge podge privatised such that the bills end up being absolutely ridiculous and the taxpayer is forced to pay for it (so more money and profits for big pharma and privatised hospitals). apparently fed reserve and irs, and now many of the prisons in the US, are privatised. These growing conglomerates of prison chains are approaching states struggling with diminishing funds and offering to buy up their prisons, under the condition that they remain 96% full (they get paid per prisoner), so you get police looking around for someone with a joint in their pocket and throwing them there next to rapists and murderers. it is horrible what the captains of industry are doing to the american people and i hope they wake up to this, because apparently the american people are one of the last few that can stop their globalist agenda. hence the planned Sandy shootings, to orchestrate a movement for a gun grab. that is another impediment in their way.

sure, blab blab, more conspiracy theory you might say, but it all fits if you read the independent sources. crossing my fingers for the american people.

Pointing at Muslim religion when in Iran they rolled a car over an 8 year old’s padded arm after he stole some bread from a market

yah, just more hate mail. Like Jesus said, first pull the plank out of your own eye, then you will see all that much better to pull out the sliver from your brother’s eye. I’m sure there are scriptures in the Old Testament which talk about an eye for an eye, or this sort of punishment. There are a lot of evil acts in the world in the name of religion, and Christianity is certainly no exception. Yes, I disagree with this act but there is a lot of crime in the US. It is far from a perfect society. Pointing fingers at faults across the border is only breeding fear and hatred among humanity. I lived in muslim countries and they are very safe and peaceful, and people very friendly and charitable. a much better society than the US in many respects. In the west people go on and on about freedom and democracy, but do they really have it? you only get to vote between one of two clowns every year and each time they serve the corporate agenda and are liers. Then they’re lives are basically owned by the banks and their slaves in the rat race to pay the bills. It is hard to describe the pretentiousness of the west that is very noticeable when you live in a muslim country. what’s the freedom of letting companies loose? just too much to explain.

Mainstream Media More than Just Lies but about Programming Society

Simona just had her 5-0. Not sure if she has the same attitude as you. *cough* At this point I seriously still feel like we’re kids. I mean I can put myself back at the cottage or in Ottawa in a snap. I met a Czech dude who grew up in Canada like us the other day at a group meeting, he’s four years older than me. He looked 15 yrs older. Super smart and everything, good speaker. But he looked his age. I look the same as I did 15 yrs ago, and feel that way. Except I’m WAY more experienced and better in my work. In that way I feel like a mature adult, when I’m working. I’ve actually had people, after countless emails and phone calls, treat me like a bubblehead kid for a few minutes after meeting the first time. Until we talk a bit and they remember I have a brain/skill. It’s not always men but usually. Now that I lost a ton of weight, finishing losing the rest, I sure don’t look 46 and don’t feel it either. A lot of times I think people beat themselves down, let life beat them down. I don’t think it’s an absolute that we slow down, get pudgy, and start on the downhill road, when we get older. I think people just accept the life the companies and government tell them: they teach us what to like from when we’re little kids. None of that stuff matters, things don’t matter. They can’t give satisfaction in life. If you keep satisfaction in the small things, the beauty and wonder all around us, you will always be youthful. People ignore it because they want a shiny machine to show off to other people. What other people think can’t fulfill your life.

yah, the more I think about it, it makes more and more sense that the captains of industry use advertising and tv shows etc. to create these programmed little machines who will just buy their products and be dumb. using the media and women’s lib and all that to divide the sexes, as part of their divide and conquer. just had a discussion last night with a french girl who says that, considering all this supposed sexual freedom and liberality, why are people in the west so sexually frustrated and frustrated with their lives compared to the rest of the world. this is by design i’d say. the media builds up a certain identity and people adopt it without thinking, believing it to be part of their core being. when it’s just images and concepts and nothing really. then they always portray those people across the border as enemies, so everyone is the enemy. identities and media and fashion change over time, so then you get the generation gap, where in countries like here there is no shit like that. you simply respect your elders, people settle down with one partner, and go about their business. western society and rampant capitalism is seriously screwed up. you have a brain and think for yourself, so you don’t let yourself be dragged down. I even read one report that the stupid sitcoms sort of work hand in hand with the commercials. you stare at perfect, beautiful people, supposedly caught up in some fascinating melodrama and romance, they’re so beautiful they intimidate you, but there is a solution! Along comes the commercials, which essentially say, “But with this brand of gum you too can look that beautiful and have this kind of beautiful partner and be happy.” It’s all brainwashing and I feel so much freer since I left my television back in prague. even the last year I couldn’t watch that shit and just rented movies the occasional evening. had to tell misha to stop coming to my house cause she would just watch mindless stupid czech tv and I felt the poison. I just didn’t want to be disturbed by all that anger and negative energy. others stare at it with their mouth gaping open and you can see how their minds are completely being erased. david icke recently pointed out that symbols and imagery have a more direct connection to our minds and memory than the processing of words we hear or read. So you could be watching a show and think you are absorbing something, but the visuals in the background, which you often don’t notice, are implanting different messages into your head. sounds fantastical, I know, but this science has immense factual background, mkultra research and so on, and the more I think about it the more I see the mainstream media as the propaganda arm of the captains of industry, designed to program humanity and turn it into a defenseless and obliging robot. people who are caught up in that and believe it will be more likely to submit, give up and let themselves fall apart. no respect for the self and a defeatist mentality.

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