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I dunno how I missed this, it was new last year but anyways apparently there are giant blobs of plastic garbage floating in the ocean at various places, some the size of countries More plastic than plankton in Pacific Ocean Rubbish dump found floating in Pacific Ocean is twice the size of America -Pacific-Ocean-twice-size-America.html and a YouTube video I found Human Impact: Synthetic Sea “plastic in the open ocean” so of course some fellow has to sail a plastic boat to this plastic garbage Adventurer to sail plastic boat into ocean’s plastic dump boat-into-oceans-plastic-dump.html  oh me oh my

That’s pretty funny. Read somewhere that beaches are now about one third plastic, if you include the small, broken down particles mixed in the sand, and that some fish accidentally eat the plastic blobs in the ocean, so it can get back into our food chain (if bigger fish eat the smaller fish etc.), and that it takes about two generations for the plastic to break down. I was parked in Turkey and the fisherman near to me would just throw the plastic water bottle out of his boat when done. I gather ships just dump their shit overboard as they sail across oceans. There should be big fines for this. Lots of stuff for us to change in our behaviour!


just what we were talking about .. . . extreme weather Storm leaves 15 dead in S Europe Europe Recovers From Killer Storm,,3974113,00.html its just going to be happening more and more around the world. soon all of our resources are going to be tied up just in rescuing people.

read another example of the cumulative affects of nature over the weekend, this time concerning death of old growth forest. As the temperature rises, the summers are hotter and drier, more trees die, as each one dies it stops absorbing carbon and instead releases all that it stored into its wood over its lifetime (guess it’s time to make those special saw mills and harvest these cases). So that in itself escalates the warming. Then when the trees are taken to the edge like this, they become more vulnerable to beetle attack and other things, so such death will only increase, perpetuating things even more. Nature has been in a certain balance for millions of years, and works at certain temperatures etc. With human activity we are distorting things, so inevitably the fragile system will be thrown out of wack in ways we couldn’t even imagine, and we’ll see how everything is intricately interconnected…


had another idea recently, and just wondering if it was the type of project you were interested in. You still haven’t answered that question for me.

Anyway, I call it the “one laptop per village” project. There’s obviously this One Laptop Per Child project, but those laptops are not so useful if they can’t run WIndows etc.. Maybe they’re just a fancy calculator, although I haven’t seen one myself. Anyway, after living for two years in a caravan and surviving on solar power, I can see how it can be done. A single laptop could be shared by the village, with solar power, and I guess some wireless internet, and if the village has enough brains to make an income for themselves using this charity laptop solar panel package, they can save up money, buy themselves another laptop, put it to good use within their village, and expand from there if they wanted to. In any case it could be a good educational tool, as Africa will certain enter the digital age at some point. Otherwise they’ll be just destined to slaughter one another for who knows how many more decades.

Recently started learning php and putting up online databases, if you know anyone who might be interested in my services. With costs of 10 Euro a day (I don’t pay rent or electricity), I think I could even offer a better price than the Indians.


Why do people I have never met keep adding my as friends? I’m not to happy with facebook. I think I’m going to resort to email if people want to reach me.

no probs, I was suggesting to Eben he can network through my facebook friends. I guess that’s one drawback of the facebook thing is that once you allow someone aas your friend your immediately networked all over the place. My greatest fear of facebook is that, when the real shit starts coming down, the cia etc. can just confiscate the computers, or collaborate secretely with mr. Facebook, and get all these networks. Then, for example when I join the underground movement against them they might go after my friends. Perhaps like that time I wrote an email to Bush when after he vetoed a law in order to keep submachine guns or something on the streets. I was pissed off and told him perhaps some members of his family might find themselves a target. Perhaps you may consider it an unrelated event (although I’m assuming you wont), but that story apparently shed light to my dad, who has the exact same name, and he figures that was why his ass was royally, and I mean royally, searched on his next visit to the states, heh heh. He even turned back as he was leaving and asked the guy why they had done that, to which he threw a wry grin and said, “That’s for us to know and you to never find out”. (Now just to find out how quickly I lose a facebook friend!)

Thanks, yea, I remember Steve. I met him once or maybe twice. I’m sure his son is a nice guy but I hardly know Steve at all and what would I have to say to his son who I have never met? Maybe I’m just an anti social?

I get approached by people all the time trying to find new friends. Then I get some people networking, even people I know, who want to add me as their friend. They click add and they cant even be bothered to write a little note. I respond back, they don’t even bother to respond, so I remove them as “friends”. It’s like they feel comfortable about having so many “friends”. For me many people have found me through Facebook, certain people I like to see their pictures, so I’m pretty selective who I let into my account, and ignore the rest, like spam. Email is for me much faster, as I do it offline. But some chicks I like to look at etc. Ever met Crazy Steve? The older dude, who imports bikes from China and lives a great and crazy life? I know him forever. Fun guy. Anyway Eben is his son and now living in Prague. I suggested to him to contact certain people among my friends so that he could network in Prague and meet some people. He’s apparently DJing some place now, possibly where we used to play squash.


I like your burgers, but I’m also an environmentalist and have a social conscience. I think I would frequent your establishment more if I didn’t feel so guilty eating your burgers, and think it is time you could consider this in your corporate profits strategy, because many people might feel the same way. For example, I’m presently inCyprustheMediterraneanand I got to thinking about all the garbage you throw out. Sure, it’s nice to see “Recycled paper” on your packaging, but what about all the paper you throw out every day? I would dare you try to calculate it. It probably would not be a great effort on your part to create a second bin for paper waste, and throw that into the recycle bin. Try to only use recycled paper for all your packaging, and recycle it all. Really, what other garbage is there? This would set a good example to other fast food joints, and give yourself a good name. Why not take the initiative and start a new trend? I think this could turn into a profitable move. I think the occasional rejected burger ending up among the paper wouldn’t do great harm, or people could be given the option or encourage to separate their garbage into a second bin. Your cups could use paper instead of that waxy stuff, if it is damaging to the paper recycling. I see how your garbage bags fill up so quickly and it makes me shudder. With all the present talk of global warming (of which global deforestation contributes to 22% – equal to all the emissions produced by theUS, for example), it is high time you take the baton on this and become a great world leader in this new struggle. Make it trendy! As Schwarzenegger would say.


Just read an interesting article last night, recommended to me, and starting to get a slow grip of the crunch situation. Hope to read a lot more surrounding this because it is quite fascinating. Would suggest you read the articles from bottom up (oldest to newest) and at least the first few. Seems a viable argument and, if so, theUSis SCREEEEEWWWWWWEEEEEEDDDDDD! Decades of the oil lobby ripping up railway systems and nurturing a culture to create suburbs and malls and agriculture etc. which all rely on heavy oil consumption. Now I doubt theUSwill have enough cash or even the time to build all the necessary public transportation network and reorganise its population into smaller, efficient, Europe-like clusters where one can walk to the grocery store etc. It was a long ride but it seems the long forcasted decline of the American empire might be around the corner. Possibly consider switching your savings to Euro??


it’s funny how we were having all these discussions how the decadent and wasteful will suffer and have to change their ways to certain frugal practices, and now I’m helping this guy reconstruct his houses while he uses all these energy saving means like three solar water heaters hooked to a tri-tap system to mix in cold water or switch to the electrical water heater once the solar tanks run out. And the shit fills into a dual septic tank system which eventually pipes the usable shit throughout the garden, producing vegetables etc. Self sustained little units speckled on various mountains, and he is already gearing up for when the shit hits the fan so that he can survive (wants to start a solar panel etc. distribution company so that he will have something to trade for food once the stores run dry…). Think I may learn something here!


okay, so told the guy your ideas and probed his a bit and it turns out that page lists all or a lot of his ideas (the original Steps I guess), and he has vast calculations and designs etc. for each. He said that Richard Brandson is offering 10 million bucks for ideas and says that three of his would fit his category, but to get into his door he requires all sorts of presentation, jumping through loops, attending conferences and the sort and says he just couldn’t be bothered. He suggested I choose one of the ideas that my heart feels closest to and start with that. Maybe not link to his site from ebay but set up an independent page and they contact me or something.

I’m gonna write to my big investor dude now and ask him what he thinks, but would still be interested in your feedback, if you got any more ideas. k


in Greece now helping this guy with constructing one of his 50 houses around Europe, then off to Bulgaria for about a month (he’s got a bunch there), then I drive to Czech for a few months to attend my brother’s wedding, then hook up back with this dude. He used to be a big megaproject coordinator/adviser but sold that cause wanted to get away from the suit and tie. He’s got a bunch of projects listed here:

The individual Steps. Think any of those could be interesting? He’s got detailed plans for each and just wants to sell them, not really get involved.


hey bud, I’ve been on this for quite some time already. I think the guy’s name is Rubini or something, but he predicted the financial crisis and I’ve been reading a lot surrounding it for a while, cause I was curious why it happened in the first place. Very interesting reading overall. I’ve been comparing theUStoGermanyafter WWI, when it allowed for hyperinflation to reduce the value of its currency to nothing, so it would not have to pay back the burdensome war reparations. TheUSowes a shitload and seems like it is quite happy to take this route as well. In any case, the days of theUSas the world’s dominating power are over. It over extended itself (ie-Afghanistan and now the fantasy of taking onIran), its consumers want too much, the financial credit markets allow for and encourage these unsustainable bubbles, and its entire infrastructure is based around gas consumption. With the rising prices of gas, theUSis heading towards a serious problem. So say some dudes at least. I’m watching the situation with avid interest! Go buy some gold and bury it in a field? Well, obviously I’m not the greatest financial adviser, heh heh.

In Bulgaria at the moment. Take care.

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