People Who Believe in Media News Cannot Grasp the Sense if had Read an Article

hey dude – not sure what capacity you have to view this stuff but rt is cool. they look on the other side, which creates a thought process. kieser is great, also breaking the set, the presenter is also very sexy, and the news live for 1/2 an hour. quite informative, then i go watch u.s. and uk media, for reference, and i generally find them pathetic. got Explosive Evidence on youtube and will watch it. i’m anticipating sending it to my family with a disclaimer, “the content may be controversial for you but please try to expand your mind”. as you and i know, the u.s. is full of poop. yeah, yeah, yeah. i tell my family that when i was traveling, i believe it was portugal, i got a shoe shine on the street and tried to pay the guy in u.s. dollars. he told me he only excepts real money. pay me in euros. the shoe shine guy. amazing. i said ok.. progress is a good thing. cheers dude

Yah, my internet sucks too much to deal with youtube and skype. Sometimes it works but just too irritating. I like my news clips from sources that interest me. Right to my email inbox, I can process offline quickly, little news snippets, and if it captures my attention I go online to read the article. Which I can skim through and get the point. Sometimes just from the title of the webpage (some sites don’t have snippets but just name of article and occasionally little comment) I can get an idea of the shit going down, and extrapolate in my head the rest, without having to read the article. So I find youtube and stuff like that as a really inefficient source of information. Yah, Explosive Evidence is something they can chew on. The trick is actually convincing them to do it. Most of my even intelligent friends just wave all this shit away, piling it up among the “conspiracy theories”. Actually, have recently started a new experiment, with rather good success. I’ll say a few things that make sense, then say, “But the majority of people just don’t care about the truth, and are more concerned about a sense of security and comfort.” And they’ll raise their hands and admit it. But that is a very important step. Once they realize they were living in denial, they’ll start to wake up, no matter how slowly. >

watched ” explosive evidence “. already knew it all, i’m a good researcher, but it is still to heavy for my crowd. they are all in denial, comfortable, on their on terms, believe “god we trust” on their money makes it divine, until they come to europe and only get 75 cents, and are in a rush to get back home in their comfort zones, and they get their news from fox without a question mark. now that is a tough crowd. all that i can say to them is that your history books are bogus and you are uninformed, but they are fine with that. some people have no desire to seek the truth. maybe that’s why i consider them peasants, and i tell them that. not very well received. > ps – intelligence is relative

I recently read an interesting article on the difference between an “old” and “young” soul. I felt pretty close to the definition of old. Some of us are simply aware and the others prefer to take the red pill and sleep dreaming in their matrix bathtub. Hasn’t seem too difficult to convince them they admit they know that, just a bit unconsciously.

yah, found some reading which actually interests me. Think there is much more going on. Or theories on structure of universe, traveling along time lines instead of through space. But the 1% would prefer to dumb us down and force us to survive in their cubicle offices, and since the 1% basically controls the media then it paints these big pictures in the media, planting scenes and comments into movies, sitcoms, I’ve heard songs which sound like the military designed it. It’s so big and believable most are so dazzled by it they couldn’t possibly believe in the reality behind it. It’s just too fantastical for them to grip, and I also think they use people’s sense of importance in identity and tradition as a weapon against them and stir patriotism against people across a border who do things culturally differently. It all seems like a well planned and diligent strategy of the dudes at the very top. It seems extremely plausible if you look at it unbiasedly, but many feel threatened if you pull the carpet from under their sense of identity. I prefer no confrontation and just walk away. When with family we usually talk about happy things, but one on one I believe my mom at least listening to all the stuff I read. Like David Icke said, after 911 more people started waking up and seeing what’s going on. Up until then it didn’t seem so sinister or worth noticing, or I simply wasn’t dabbling into news etc. in general. Now I feel I have a purpose cause shit looks like it’s gonna happened and people need to be warned. I’ve been downloading tons of survival manuals, including military ones. Anyway, this has certainly perked my interest, and it seems some major must happened, because technology will not require us to work and an increasing number of people could be unemployed. Especially with growing in your own garden and trading with one another, either with their own currency or straight barter. This would totally pull the carpet from under the cabal and they could not let that happened. I dunno man, something’s gotta happen. One theory says humans will wake up and learn how to be mostly self-sufficient and free, while the other says the cabal will militarize some virus and knock the population down to 500 million (UN reports have already called for that), put them in boxes and frolic in the rest of the world’s nature. So I hope to eat lots of garlic, ginger and tumeric to make my body’s immune system strong for when they make

> believe it or not.  you lost me on that one.

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