People Who Don’t Think Will Not Believe in Explosive Evidence

Just saw the documentary “Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”

which interviews many architects, engineers and scientists who prove that the official story of 911 is simply impossible. The three towers collapsed on themselves in freefall, explosions were heard, molten iron pouring out of the buildings (latest military technology of nano thermite explosives), concrete and metal pulverized mostly into dust (which was immediately removed and shipped to China for recycling, before any forensic investigation was permitted), metal beams and bones sent flying laterally/horizontally at 70km an hour to land on far off buildings. But what is perhaps most interesting is the psychological explanation of why a majority of people simply refuse to believe any of this. It is because it challenges their entire belief structure that our government cares for and takes care of us. This is precisely why the puppeteers chose these towers as a target, because they are powerful symbols of our freedom and the very structure of our society. While the official story was used as grounds to invade the Middle East, oil heartland of our planet. No weapons of mass destruction were found, the premise for attacking Iraq, yet the forces remain there some ten years later (now replaced by advisers and private mercenaries, and military bases surround Iran). This is the military industrial complex making a killing from wars and the subsequent, farcical yet highly lucrative reconstruction which always follows them (read “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (American Empire Project)” – I urge you to download and watch the empirical and scientific evidence presented by some of the 1,700 architects and engineers ( who have signed the petition demanding a truly independent and empirically based investigation of WTC. The puppeteers will do this again to maintain their power base, but it can only get worse. All the laws passed since 911 designed to take away our freedoms (in the name of “protecting us” from terrorists) have been carefully planned and time is running out. Please do not continue to live in denial. Yes, the truth can be painful, but the repercussions of continued denial will be much more painful. German society frolicked in its veneer of stability and safety as Hitler rose to power and the same tools were used to implement tyrannical rule. Please educate yourself and spread the news.

Well, I am well aware of the entire situation that you’ve pictured. You forgot one thing – their so called ter. No 1 (I’ll not write his name as their programs are detecting such words and both of us will become under surveillance). You know whom I’m talking about. 2 yrs ago he was simply retired – it was officially announced that he was killed, but no one saw his dead body or sth. This is the main proof that 911 was their mutual project. I know that, and as well I know that our gvmnnt serves to people with a lot of money and works for their interests for the price of a poor, hungry and not contented nation. So do know the people around me, as well as people in the forums that I read. But what can I do? Gvmnnts are changing and it’s always the same, the only differences are that each gvmmnt serves to a different circle of corporations. And we are the ants that are working. This is a long conversation, and it’s not for the internet. I have to go out now.

Cool. It’s just that, after I saw the documentary, I felt I wanted to tell everyone, in case anyone among my circle still believes in the official story, because I think it would be next to impossible to still believe that after seeing this documentary. I think that the more people who know about this, obviously more importantly in the US, change can happen. Everyone who knows about it seems to just throw their arms in the air and say, “What am I supposed to do about it?” Instructing those who do not know is at least something, and if enough of us know, I think change can happen. If enough people in a country peacefully stood around a parliament building so no one could get in or out, they could essentially shut down government and the entire country, and force change. There are 300 million people in the US. If just one third of one percent showed up in washington, that makes a million people. What they hell are they going to do about it? Call the military against a million people? If they started shooting, like the Brits against Ghandi, many more would come immediately. But way too many people believe in the lie and I was hoping that a message this simple enough could make a change. At least something. Have a great day dude.

Well I can say about us, Bg and our gvnmmt. The previous one (although the present ones are even worse).

People didn’t want’em and let’s say 50-100K gathered in the centre of Sofia. Day after day. Normal peaceful citizens. And what did the authorities do? They’ve hired 50 football hooligans to create a little disorder in the crowd as that was the reason the police and the troops to beat the people down. 10s and 100ds of people were wounded just for being there. On the next day the people on the street were less. Same shit again. This is how they made it to the elections. And on the elections day – full busses with people from Turkey arrived just to put in a bulletin, people who don’t live here, who do not speak Bg. Despite all this, we elected a new gvnmmt (I’m writing it with a wrong abbreviation on purpose), that seems to be even worse.. As for the us stuff, pls. don’t worry, people in Bg are informed. We are not zombies like the ppl in the us.


Personally, David Icke’s explanation makes sense to me, the a-hole 1% / rothschilds etc. creating beachhead in middle east to spark third world war as planned by Albert Pike, head freemason for the Americas in a letter to the head mason dude in Europe, explaining that three world wars are necessary in order to establish total global domination (New World Order). He wrote this around 1890 and the first two world wars occurred exactly as planned. WMD is fudged intelligence to attack Iraq. Iran has no nuclear capability. The corporate’s media arm is spreading lies to bring about a super master plan. The people at the top are much more intelligent than the 85% sheep. The remaining 14% might see what is happening but are not bastards enough to join the power greedy 1% aholes.


I think it’s really good to live at bare-bottom most of the time. One main reason is I think our lifestyles, at least around here, are SO extravagant and we have SO MUCH that people don’t even appreciate. I can’t stand how we are constantly constantly being sold stuff all the time, like, “You MUST have this” and if you don’t people kind of look at you like you’re weird or like, “why do you not have that thing!”

yah, came to the conclusion not long ago that this is because of the 1% desired total control over all of us. The more we consume, the more they can make money in their factories, or leasing, or the banks making loans. The 1% control some 60% of the world’s wealth and they are certainly smart enough to use it to keep the economy engine buzzing away, keeping as many people busy, struggling hard to pay off their mortgage, and not give them time to think. The western capitalism is a culture of such a profit generating system. They’ll dazzle us with elections, where whoever you vote pretty well continues with the agenda, and then all sorts of useless profit generating distractions like football etc. So the billboards and all advertising is crucial to keep this engine going.


if you guys have the time this is worth a look.

  ps – also check out breaking the set

yo man, checking out your stuff now. But one thing I just remembered, how you said it was no point sending that book to your mom etc. Saw the documentary Explosive Evidence and it maybe maybe soft enough to wake up these type of people. At the end it goes into a psychological analysis why certain (majority) of people still believe in the official version of 911. I read once that one of the reasons they chose those towers is because it reminds people of twin church spires. Psychological games. At the end of this flick it says that many people cannot handle this type of info. Their identity is built up through the media: America is the best, the government loves you, democracy, freedom. Total hogwash, but people believe it, that it is part of their personality and identity, and they would have to deny themselves. Or on the dollar “In God we trust”, while it is a private company raping the American taxpayer. Recently I started confronting people about this and they eventually raised up their hands and at least admitted they don’t give a crap about the truth but mostly their own comfort. At least some progress I guess.

hey dude – not sure what capacity you have to view this stuff but rt is cool. they look on the other side, which creates a thought process. kieser is great, also breaking the set, the presenter is also very sexy, and the news live for 1/2 an hour. quite informative, then i go watch u.s. and uk media, for reference, and i generally find them pathetic. got Explosive Evidence on youtube and will watch it. i’m anticipating sending it to my family with a disclaimer, “the content may be controversial for you but please try to expand your mind”. as you and i know, the u.s. is full of poop. yeah, yeah, yeah. i tell my family that when i was traveling, i believe it was portugal, i got a shoe shine on the street and tried to pay the guy in u.s. dollars. he told me he only excepts real money. pay me in euros. the shoe shine guy. amazing. i said ok.. progress is a good thing. cheers dude

Yah, my internet sucks too much to deal with youtube and skype. Sometimes it works but just too irritating. I like my news clips from sources that interest me. Right to my email inbox, I can process offline quickly, little news snippets, and if it captures my attention I go online to read the article. Which I can skim through and get the point. Sometimes just from the title of the webpage (some sites don’t have snippets but just name of article and occasionally little comment) I can get an idea of the shit going down, and extrapolate in my head the rest, without having to read the article. So I find youtube and stuff like that as a really inefficient source of information.

Yah, Explosive Evidence is something they can chew on. The trick is actually convincing them to do it. Most of my even intelligent friends just wave all this shit away, piling it up among the “conspiracy theories”. Actually, have recently started a new experiment, with rather good success. I’ll say a few things that make sense, then say, “But the majority of people just don’t care about the truth, and are more concerned about a sense of security and comfort.” And they’ll raise their hands and admit it. But that is a very important step. Once they realize they were living in denial, they’ll start to wake up, no matter how slowly.


I think it is inevitable that the 1% captains of industry will get a strangle-hold on the internet, because it is not within their interests that we have free access to information. Hopefully delay it a bit, but have learned that we can create our own internet by relaying the signal with old tin cans and other simple technology. We do not need the system, as it will only chain us.

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