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Since most of the mainstream media (96% owned by 6 mega companies – so basically in the control by the 1%) has time and again proven itself to be a source of lies, quickly propagating fudged intelligence reports that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, that there is a link between Al Qaeda and 911, and all sorts of other inflammatory statements which only serve to fuel wars and fulfill the agenda of those who profit from them, as responsible citizens we need to find other sources of information to keep us in the loop.

Many will quickly ask, “How can I trust the internet?” But if the mainstream cannot be trusted, other sources must simply be sought. Many quality journalists, fed up with working within a system which contradicts their very convictions to bring us truth, have gone solo or teamed up with others to do their good work and earn a living either through advertisements on their websites or contributions from their subscribers.

But you must always be discerning, questioning everything, as Buddha instructed, and connect the dots yourself.

Below is a list of some websites I have found useful, or you can read or download some of the articles I have found most interesting and thought-provoking here. You can also check my Facebook account, as I do not save every good article. Many of the sites below offer email subscriptions of important summaries of each post. The summaries themselves are a good source of information, and simply follow the link if you want to read the full article.

Pakalert – posting articles by selected authors or those drawn from other websites (always citing the source), a good source to keep you in the loop on what the mainstream would rather not cover, or uncover the reasons behind the events that the mainstream misrepresents.

Waking Times – also with its own authors and posting articles from other websites, this site focuses more on what we can do moving forward as humanity continues to raise its collective consciousness and awareness, as this is what is needed to free ourselves from the serfdom of the present power structure.

Russian Times or Al Jazeera – English and other language news for those who prefer video streaming as opposed to reading, glitzy like Fox News or CNN, and perhaps somewhat biased against the west, the flip side of the argument will at least offer a balance against the lies and biased news of the western media. These two sources will go in-depth and report on matters which the western media will never touch.

Tom Dispatch – offering an in-depth analysis of what the US military is up to, eloquently written and complete with links to verifiable sources, as any real journalist should do.

Democracy Now – America’s most popular independent news source, offering both video streaming and transcriptions of interviews with prominent figures. Although somewhat watered down compared to the above sources, Amy Goodman is a respected journalist and is an important founder of the independent media movement.

BBC Breaking News Alerts – ever since the BBC reported the third tower <link> (yes, there was a third one, the silence of which is further testimony that the mainstream media is being manipulated) collapsing a full 20 minutes before it actually did (they got a mixup in the time zones and the report was abruptly terminated, but recorded and uploaded by many), I have lost complete faith in anything the mainstream has to say, refuse to expose myself to its manipulation and lies, but I like to read these breaking news excerpts to get a brief overview of the angle the puppeteers are trying to spin. A quick search for “third tower” or “building 7” will yield many webpages which show this premature reporting (apparently also by Fox News). I came across this not long after 911 and found it quite hard to swallow. However, as I occasionally do with some of the articles I come across, I dug into the matter myself. It did not take me long to come across a forum thread on BBC’s own website which confirmed this was true. Several viewers were asking for a copy of the full video as it was being recorded in New York. BBC responded: “It is not due to some conspiracy theory <read the comments again…>, but we are simply a little disorganised around here and have lost that video.” Excuse me, but consider the number of documentaries that BBC has produced over the years. They certainly carefully tag and store each clip and photo in a massive digital database. One has to be extremely naïve to believe such a story. You might as well believe that a Malaysian airliner can disappear without a trace, evaporate in the air, considering the advanced surveillance technology now in use. Because I found this too unbelievable, I looked at the website address many times, and sure enough, it started with… As an IT guy I know that this could not be a fake<..[proofread all many times over..], because BBC owns this domain and the thread could not have been fabricated (I assume this highly self-incriminating discussion would have been taken down since then, but have not confirmed – I just know what I saw back then, but found some links on the matter here, here and here). Like CNN before it, I trusted BBC as a sound news source. Since then I have become very selective of the information I expose myself to. It is difficult for the mind to tag certain bits of information as lies or the truth, so it is better to find sources you trust, not expose yourself to lies and manipulation at all, and be discerning of everything you read or watch. Below are a few other samples I came across which show how the mainstream media (aka lamestream or presstitute) is manipulative in its presentations.

Here < is a list of some sources I have collected in the past.

Samples of how the western media is manipulative and deceptive in its reporting

Bloomberg: After reading extensively on how the power brokers used or set up the 2008 financial bubble to position themselves beforehand and capitalise on the skimming of wealth from a large portion of the population, and after studying how we are rapidly approaching a complete currency and financial system collapse, I decided to invest some of my savings into physical gold (which is currently being manipulated by the big players down to a lower value in order to prop up the USD and create an impression of calm before the next big collapse), I created a google news alert for “soros gold” (George Soros is a big player on the investment market and I like to see what he is up to concerning this commodity). Mostly I would ignore mainstream websites, and many of the articles I read confirmed the wisdom of my decision to invest some of my emergency cash reserves into this solid commodity.

At one point I came across an excerpt from Bloomberg lambasting the notion of investing into this substance and predicting its significant decline. Out of curiosity I read the article and got a taste how these manipulators play their game.

To substantiate their prediction, they said something of the sort: “100 economists who we interviewed agreed that gold was not a good investment”. Lets just analyse this for a moment.

1) Which economists? Clerks working at Goldman Sachs who have agreed to make the statement to keep their jobs? A reputable source of news, like those I mentioned at the top of this article, will always include a reference to their source (which economists exactly).

2) You can interview 10,000 economists, and if only 100 agree, the above statement is still correct.

3) Why the number 100? Perhaps because most people will automatically think it means that 100% of the economists they interviewed agree with them?

This is extremely deceptive and most people will fall for it without a blink. When I see this sort of “journalism”, such an organisation loses all credibility in my eyes. Be discerning.

McDonald’s Hamburgers

When I was growing up in Canada, I was very proud of that tolerant and multi-cultural country, and was always excited to support Canadian-made products against that big bully to the south.

One advertisement I often heard was from McDonald’s, which proudly boasted “Our hamburgers contain 100% pure Canadian beef.” With a beautiful, red maple leaf in the background, like a loving, pumping heart. Many companies applied the same practice.

But with simple reflection it occurred to me that their hamburgers can also CONTAIN 100% pure garbage, 100% fat, and 100% pure beef from any part of the world. Logically, to contain 100% of something does not mean that 100% of a product is comprised solely of that something. If 1% of the burger was made from pure Canadian beef, mixed in with all sorts of other garbage, toxins, fat, and leftovers of that poor animal stuck in its cage its entire life – once again, that statement would still be correct.

Since both these statements are technically correct, neither company can be sued for disinformation. It is simply crafty manipulation of your perspective. So discerning means to understand how they try to manipulate your thinking, and question everything. After all, marketers are very smart people and go to university to learn these tricks of the trade. I myself have studied a few such courses in university and it soon became quite evident that that are an exercise in mind manipulation, as sales are in general. As a young man I had many different jobs in phone, retail and door-to-door sales. If you want to make a living, you are forced to be deceptive. My charm and blue eyes (as told to me by one of my bosses) helped me to be an average salesman, but my feeling of guilt always froze me at the time of closing the sale, and I generally felt bad about what I was doing, even though I was quite honest. But it did gave me good insight into this sort of manipulation.

< statement against those who immediately dismiss everything which challenges what comes out of the TV as “conspiracy theory” – self-denial, do not want to face the implications, wanna be just simple and happy, but as Benjamin Franklin etc. (think it was mentioned in one of the three BBC articles), “tyranny only as so far as people accept it” etc.

Which brings us to an interesting point about this very page. Most people will have a knee-jerk reaction about it that: “Smells like conspiracy theory to me”. Which is why I wrote it very carefully, because it is intended for those who are still asleep and not those who are already in the know and for whom this page would be redundant kindergarden…

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