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The Pursuit of Happiness

Thought just occurred to me yesterday as I was walking back from work in a lovely restaurant on the beach, how you were talking about Jens leaving Washington because of all the greed. Around the same time I saw a movie Pursuit of Happiness, and did not piece things together until yesterday. The movie stars Will Smith, a relatively famous actor, but don’t remember any film I’ve seen him for which I admire him.

Anyway, it starts off with this poor guy who has a tough life and he talks about how he wished he was happy, and noticed how people leaving the stock exchange (gamblers of money) are all smiling, and wants to be like that. so that is the immediate premise of the movie. and through all unbelievable struggles, he finally attains it. anyway, not long ago i started to pay close attention to everything i was watching from the tv, after it dawned on me that pretty well the only people who have enough money to make movies, shows and newscasting are the 1%, and it is obvious that one needs to control the flow of information in order to control the people. Such as when i found out, purely out of curiosity and my own research, that the Rothschild family, one of the richest in the world and major owner of all the major central banks, bought Reuters news agency in 1820. Reuters is the primary news source for the entire world.

Anyway, back to this movie, I┬ácan see how it too serves the 1%’s agenda who wants us all to work hard like slaves and idiolizes the greed that is on wall street. any normal writer would think of better things that are supposed to be the pursuit of happiness, but the way i see it, the Jewish run hollywood probably puts out basic concepts and an offer of money for some writer to put it into a script. then then find a director, who finds actors, and puts it to screen. I am convinced that the crap coming out now is not a product of what the people want but of what the 1% wants crammed down our throat. they are conditioning us to think a certain way. So many cop movies where the cop has to use some excessive force and perhaps bust down some doors without a warrant, because of these evil drug takers and some poor innocent girl that needs saving. The end justifying the means. So people get used to the idea of cops busting down doors and acting well outside of the law. Or as i travel around the world, i notice how all the girls giggle in a certain way, depending on which country. then i see some regular sitcoms and i totally understand. the large majority of humanity are monkeys imitating each other for fear of being rejected and ostracized. it’s pathetic, and i see how this fear plays in the hands of the 1% who are brainwashing them.

Of course there are still good, wholesome movies, but not like in the old days. anyway, just thought i’d throw you some food for thought. glad that Jens is following his senses and starting something on his own. a few times in the past, when things were really tough, i was considering going back into the regular workforce, but it did not take long for me to be so sickened by the idea that i would rather jump off a bridge and die, so i worked harder, or i went treeplanting, where i can make good money but have the freedom to plant my piece the way i want to and be amongst free-thinking, environmentally conscious and generally good people.