The Truth about 911: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out

Just saw the documentary “Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out”

which interviews many architects, engineers and scientists who prove that the official story of 911 is simply impossible. The three towers collapsed on themselves in freefall, explosions were heard, molten iron pouring out of the buildings (latest military technology of nano thermite explosives), concrete and metal pulverized mostly into dust (which was immediately removed and shipped to China for recycling, before any forensic investigation was permitted), metal beams and bones sent flying laterally/horizontally at 70km an hour to land on far off buildings. But what is perhaps most interesting is the psychological explanation of why a majority of people simply refuse to believe any of this. It is because it challenges their entire belief structure that our government cares for and takes care of us. This is precisely why the puppeteers chose these towers as a target, because they are powerful symbols of our freedom and the very structure of our society. While the official story was used as grounds to invade the Middle East, oil heartland of our planet. No weapons of mass destruction were found, the premise for attacking Iraq, yet the forces remain there some ten years later (now replaced by advisers and private mercenaries, and military bases surround Iran). This is the military industrial complex making a killing from wars and the subsequent, farcical yet highly lucrative reconstruction which always follows them (read “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People (American Empire Project)” –

I urge you to download and watch the empirical and scientific evidence presented by some of the 1,700 architects and engineers ( who have signed the petition demanding a truly independent and empirically based investigation of WTC. The puppeteers will do this again to maintain their power base, but it can only get worse. All the laws passed since 911 designed to take away our freedoms (in the name of “protecting us” from terrorists) have been carefully planned and time is running out. Please do not continue to live in denial. Yes, the truth can be painful, but the repercussions of continued denial will be much more painful. German society frolicked in its veneer of stability and safety as Hitler rose to power and the same tools were used to implement tyrannical rule. Please educate yourself and spread the news.

Responses by some of my friends

Well, don’t like to talk about politics, being such a volatility-provoking subject; but, yeah, probably , maybe was organized beforehand, 9-11..but why, I don’t know. Could it have been the Mossad, the Israeli group? Did they do it to create more division between USA(Israel) and the Islamic world? I’ve been reading a lot about the Bolshevik Revolution, mostly watching videos actually. About 20-60 million Russians were slaughtered by the Cheka secret police / Bolsheviks. No synagogues were burned, but plenty of Christian churches were. The leadership of the Bolsheviks was almost entirely Jewish. This is a fact that is not mentioned in most western Euro/USA textbooks. While we Americans are bombarded daily with History Channel reminders of the WWII Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis, we never seem to hear about the Bolshevik Holocaust, which killed millions of Russians. 20 million Ukranians were starved to death or worked to death or executed. Reading Solzenitzen’s Gulag Archipelago. Just my two cents. Patrick  

Good two cents man. Read a few times that it was an inside job managed by the Israeli military, where the Jews contribute some 60% of party financing on both sides of the fence, but that it isn’t really a Jewish thing but a Rothschild thing, who started the state of Israel to plant a thorn in the middle east to eventually ignite WW3. The Rothschilds are apparently behind a lot of the shit that goes down and Albert Pike reveals the agenda of the Free Masons, whereby three world wars shall be formented as a means for total world domination and control. He wrote it in 1880 and its pretty well bang on. Makes the hair on my neck stand up every time I read it.

This is just information from Wikipedia, so I make no universal conclusions regarding 9-11 and Israel’s or USA’s involvement, nor do I take an immediate anti-semitic stance: “The Rothschild family known as the House of Rothschild,[1] or more simply as the Rothschilds, is a European banking dynasty, of German-Jewish origin, that established European banking and finance houses starting in the late 18th century. ” On an apocalyptic note, I think the 2012 Mayan Holocaust is a marketing scheme/money make, but NASA says there will be a ton of solar flares which may burn out power grids and satellites. 

yah, been reading about those flares. Considering how the financial markets are about to implode, which could be grounds for mobilizing the people to ww3, I think it could very well be this year, or very soon at least. The world debt has been calculated at 1,500 trillion dollars, while the combined GDP is something like 65 trillion, so something has to happen. I think the 1% have been inflating the markets on purpose as part of their scheme of economic cycles which take money out of the people while they reposition themselves ahead of the way and capitalize on the inside information. The major players have been making MAJOR shifts into gold this year, so I think this implosion could very well happen this year. September has traditionally been the month of corrections/crashes.


Karel, Wow. Haven’t heard from you in just AGES. Thanks for this information , and I will read and digest it all carefully and watch the documentaries . Karel, I do believe. I get it. I can not figure out why so few trust our government. It gives me chills, scares me to death and sickens me all at the same time. Truth is a foreign word these days and everyone jumps on the bandwagon believing the false philosophical jargon and ideology and they believe in the false prophets that preach this heresy. It is tossed out like candy and people are enamored in gobbling it all up . UGH. Thanks and I look forward to studying this. Sure hope that you are well and happy. Its enough to make you want to leave and get out, but to where??? PEACE and BLESSINGS to you! Good to hear from ya!:) Ann Marie(Omaha NE)

Hey Anne, good to hear from you as well. Don’t usually send out such mass mailings but felt the documentary was concise enough and presented in a way that most could chew on it. I feel time is running out and the news needs to be spread. There is now so much evidence amassed and I fear they will pull another, even worse false flag as a distraction, and I am really afraid for the state of the world and the martial law they are setting up in the US. One of the few chances we have is to spread this knowledge and hopefully do something about it, by passive means.

More endless conspiracy rants.

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