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Many people are saying lots of stuff now. Even my friends on FB are posting intelligent and meaningful comments, like we are all waking up from our matrix bathtubs at the same time.

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What concerns your country of theUS, I’d say it was founded on good principles and that it had its glory days, but the power elite twist everything as part of their game. Heck I even learned recently that the Rothschilds startedIsraelas part of their big master plan. Hide behind the protests of anti-semitism, spreading that through the mainstream media, which they also largely control. So its all their game and not really anything to do with countries anymore. Like they (the Rothschild banksters) said, “give me control of a country’s money and I don’t care who is elected”. Bush senior was apparently financing and arming Hitler, or Churchill and Hitler are Rothschild offspring. The puppetteers are having fun with humanity, which has been so dumbed down by sitcoms and flouride in their water supply etc that they’re willing to believe anything. And that is why the 1% is the 1%.

karel – thanks for the article. like it from the standpoint of information. very much disliked it regarding the information. if it’s true it’s just another example of how pathetic my county is, and that’s really pathetic in my opinion. will it ever stop? i seriously doubt it, at least not until the chinese take over. we’ll be dead by then and i’m sure they have their own shit. we just can’t understand it.  do you know this guy? i like what comes out of his mouth. saw him on democracy now.     

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an interesting read was The Zeitgeist movement which explains that we are approaching a point in our development whereby automation by robots and computers will mean less and less jobs to go around and humanity has to make the switch to self-sustainability and not support this mindless and wasteful consumption oriented “economy”. It will be a painful switch and I’m sure the 1% would rather just cull most of us with some genetically engineered flu virus than allow us to feed ourselves without them.

haha you said that before then you took a bunch of breaks and rests in the afternoon then something happened with you internet or computer or whatever and you couldn’t work for three days then really had to bust your ass to meet your deadline! make sure you keep up with your real work because it looks more and more like every person is going to have more than one skill/job, source of income. There are phenomenal layoffs in Canada these two weeks: Chrystler, the federal government, other factories in Ontario. Its like they just now figured out the world has been in recession since 2008. Also today the UN put out a report saying especially poor parts of the world have to INVEST and HIRE, not lay off. Which is the opposite of what they are doing. Not sure how long its going to be before we start seeing growth again but the smart money says: have more than one source of income because the tough times are not yet behind us. There’s been so many articles in the papers lately about how suddenly owning a house is not the smart way to go . . . . hahah I’m ahead of my time!! ; ))


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Apparently in Greece people are starting to protest against the Euro and reverting to some sort of barter system, avoiding the entire system. On the web there is supposed to be some sort of “bank of favours”, so if we all start doing that, no tax money or profits for the war mongering assholes. With my construction and other skills I will hopefully stand a chance. Either position myself near some farms or others have suggested I could survive from the ocean, hence one of the reasons I chose here. In low tide all the Thais come out digging up oysters or whatever it is. Every day during this season the water recedes about a kilometer. Actually planning to move for a month or more to another part of the island – for a change and so that I can finally swim again! But the low tide is good for jogging along the beach, but I’d rather swim once in a while, and the change will be nice too.


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well I basically think that no one can be sure. I remember when I first started taking serious office jobs, after university, and all these complacent middle-aged jackasses were like, “Oh yeah, my job will always exist because . . . . ” and I was just staring at them like, “dont’ be so sure” and within not that long entire depts were eliminated and stuff. it all went to AutoCad and every single draftsperson had to either learn the computer or get out. People who were 50 were super pissed. I think anyone, like us, that has a computer permanently attached to their fingers will be OK. I still get calls from people I did crappy computer training for when I was between jobs, or website design. All the time, they can’t keep up with the server code or the new interface or whatever and just don’t have time to figure it out so pay people to sit there and show them which buttons to push in which order. The other thing I think is, anyone that doesn’t know how to take basic food from the ground and make a meal out of it is fucked. I think everyone that relies on neatly packaged chicken breasts and rice out of a box is basically going to die of starvation. One friend of mine did a study, this was a long time ago, inTorontoI think, and they found out there is only enough supply on the ground at any given time to provide markets for one month. So if something happened and trucks couldn’t get across theDetroitBridge, a lot of people would start being really hungry really fast. I think that 30 days has shrunk A LOT, that study was done in the 80’s. This weekend some manufacturing plant in theUSthat makes parts to dash boards went on strike and last night 3,000 factory workers inTorontowere told not to come to work (they assemble the parts into the dashboards for the minivans). That’s how little supply the factory had, not even one day. They were told not to come to work today or at all until further notice. Where I live I feel pretty OK because I’m right beside a beach and a forest. I already grow some vegetables and know how to grow more. If something happened I would dig up my entire yard for food. Mushrooms. All I need is like a 5 Kg bag of kidney beans or chick peas or whatever. Maybe another 5 kg bag of oatmeal. If things don’t get better before I can eat all that then we’re beyond screwed and starving to death would probably be welcome.




Not sure if I already sent you this attached article but it makes the hair on my skin stand every time I read it. the 1% wants to thin us down to about 500 million to keep us under better control, but several months already I’ve been reading how the aliens have started stepping in to save us. Apparently those earthquakes in Washington and Denver were nuclear explosions destroying the elite’s hiding places after they unleash viruses and what not to bring down the population. Analyses of these “earthquakes” show its a bomb, based on the tremors, than an earthquake, which looks much differently on the graph. Some say it was a revolting faction in the US military and apparently all the top banksters are leaving their jobs and running away, Japan’s White Dragon society has a plan to save the world, new world currency to replace the dollar as a reserve. So, yah, the illuminati’s planned WW3 (sicking its Rothschild invented Israel against Muslims) may fail indeed, and hopefully will. I certainly do hope that Revelations doesn’t come true. In terms of anarchy, I understand the planet has PLENTY of resources to feed us and free energy etc., all stifled by the corporations in the name of profits, we just need to make a hopefully not too painful transition away from this mad consumer-based “economy” towards the self-sustainability that is possible. All those lawyers, politicians and accountants will simply need to learn what to do with a garden spade.



Yeah I dunno. That’s what we used to say during the Cold War in high school:Seattleis definitely a target and I would for sure rather be instantly fried in a nuclear bomb than slowly die from radiation poisoning or whatever. You keep talking about WW3, I gotta tell ya in my opinion no one can afford that. who’s gonna drop a bomb? TheUSSRis gone, the only country left is theUS. Is it gonna bomb itself, haha!?North Koreajust failed at sending off a rocket, and Obama said afterward that they’re not getting any more aid. “They can’t feed their people but they can waste $13257457435 million on a missile??” The biggest fear I think is ifIsraelandIranget into nuclear war. Those hothead countries could take us all down. But pretty much everyone else is broke and bankrupt. Its already been at the point for a long time that police and security agencies are so underfunded they can’t even keep up with regular criminals, in terms of munitions. Let alone real terrorists or other countries. Let alone paying for warfare armaments! Even theUSis seriously cutting military budgets I see the danger more from anarchy, lack of government abilities to keep their own people secure — from within I mean, food riots, that kind of thing. How much money has been spent on emergency aid in the past 10 years?? earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, . . . its taking all our resources. We can’t even feed ourselves, everyone else. When I look at how humanity has been doing for the last like 15 years, everything is emergency control. Just going from one disaster to the other. That is going to get worse as the weather gets more extreme, either too much water or not enough, too hot or too cold, all that. Soon countries will stop giving aid to each other because they won’t be able to feed their own people. I see things devolving down into anarchy; look at theFranceelection right now. It comes down to Sarkozy and like the most radical communist guy. InCosta Ricathe Disabled Peoples’ Party became President, Prime Minister, and Vice President yesterday!



They have five seats but made a deal with the other biggest party. These kind of coalitions never last. InGreecethe government can’t decide with itself what to do. Rather than wars, which are highly organized, I see the opposite. Total disorganization. We won’t even know who is speaking for the government any more. In marginal countries the opposite will happen to last year’s Arab Spring; factions of the military will force themselves into the federal and state buildings and take over. In a power vacuum its always some radical group that springs into action to take over while the normal people are thinking and talking things out. I see everything dissolving into tiny bands, like the celtic tribes or ancientRome, and just endless fighting among themselves for power while everyone else starves. No one will be safe.

yah, been reading of tons of shit washing up along the California coast for some time. The conspiracy monster I partied with last night said that this island is rather lucky cause the shit has to go around the world twice before it gets to us, and that based on the geography it is very unlikely we’ll be hit by a tsunami. Comforts me after I recently decided to stay here another year (need time to set up). But if WW3 breaks out it’s all over anyway, for the northern hemisphere at least. How many missiles will be aimed at all those nuclear power stations?



Hey, yeah there’s been some word about this. Apparently it could get a lot worse because that company recently said the cooling pool where those rods are being stored might collapse. If that happens all the radiation will be released at once and we’re pretty much completely screwed. No salmon, hey?? hmm, I was just about to go on my yearly bender as the seasonal salmon hits the stores. I’m going to look around, because I’m sure some finicky BC scientist has already been testing for this. Thanks for the tip! PS: did you hear that now two motorcycles have washed up on BC beaches!? one was inside a broken open moving container, ended up by Tofino, the other just washed up at Haida Gwaii (formerlyQueenCharlotteIslands). Apparently west coast BC-ers have been taking pictures of everything they find, from toothbrushes to whatever, and there’s a virtual museum set up by BC andJapanso people inJapancan look through the archive and maybe find their stuff. Pretty crazy huh?? Things apparently have just started arriving and will be washing up for a long time. We’re just getting to annual low tide levels so heavy stuff will be popping up on the tidal flats.

been reading and hearing that the radiation in Seattle is about as bad now as in Japan, as the current goes that way, and the governments are keeping everything typically secret. One guy I know bought a geiger counter and the thing went off the charts when he put it near an imported Japanese potatoe. Apparently stay away from salmon or maybe even all seafood. Might be worth checking out, since you’re in the hood. Apparently the core is still melting away towards the centre of the earth and spewing out massive radiation.

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