What you can do about it

In light of all this one would think we, as individuals, stand no chance against such a rampant monster. But there is something we can do:

  • Educate yourself as to what is going on so that you can better understand how you are being manipulated.
  • Educate those around you so such a notion can go viral. If you tell and convince two friends, and they each do the same, soon enough there will be enough of us so that, as a collective consciousness, we are able to address the issue and act as the mightiest force against the largest of companies and organisations. They will be forced to serve us, once again, and not entrap us in this feeling of powerlessness and fear.
  • A combination of the above two points, get involved in discussion and voting, like the purpose of this site a real democracy. I’m not talking necessarily about complete mob rule of the 51%, but the more people who get involved in discussion and voting on individual issues which affect us, the more difficult it will be for the ultra rich to push forward their self-serving agendas.
  • Be very conscious of every purchase decision you make, and act accordingly.

For example, let’s say you can go to a big store, owned by some mega company (think owned by the 1%), buy some product made by another or the same mega company, as opposed to shopping at your local mama papa operation. By doing this you are accomplishing three things:

  • You are supporting another human or family of humans to be self-sufficient, independent, and freer of the system.
  • You are helping to pull the rug from under the feet of the 1%, weakening them. Each brick pulled out from the base can eventually lead to the entire structure collapsing.
  • By not supporting the mega companies or 1%, you are forcing less people to have to work for them in order to survive. These mega companies have a tendency to exploit their workers, for profit maximization. Think of Wallmart, as an example. They are heartless entities, and the only heart they might manifest is that imposed on them by public/consumer pressure.

The more you support individual people, the more you will free humanity from these bonds of the power elite. Need some plumbing work but don’t need to write off the expense? Pay in cash or bitcoins, or offer a barter – something you can offer in return.

Some might argue that you are avoiding taxes and undermining the system, but look at the budget of the US, a large majority going to the military complex. Again benefiting the 1%, who own the factories which profit from every bullet shot, every bomb dropped, the human suffering that results and which further serves the agenda of those in power, to the detriment of the rest of us. Learn something about permaculture and you will understand how we are perfectly capable of feeding ourselves and do not need to rely on big agro, which systematically knocks out the small and medium-sized farmer in order to gain greater control of the market. Buy food from your local farmer, support them and eat healthier in the process. Learn how you can heal yourself and stop supporting big pharma, another mega and profit-oriented industry benefiting from misinformation and maintaining us in a perpetual state of dependence. Like going to a mechanic to get your car fixed, but finding another problem in a week that sends you right back to them (since they created the second problem with that in mind).

We are able of taking care of ourselves and, the more we become self-sufficient and interdependent, the more we will free ourselves from their rule.

These pages will provide suggestions and advice how we can accomplish this and each contribute our part. Turn off your TV, an evil brainwashing device whose programming is mostly produced by the same large corporations. Pay attention to what you are watching and you will see the subtle manipulation of thought everywhere. Do not live in fear but raise your consciousness in harmony, love and compassion to those around you.

Do not buy more than you absolutely need or support the consumption-oriented economy, which is unsustainable in the long run. Put solar panels on your roof and unplug from the system if you can. Learn why hemp has been made illegal, when it produces better paper from trees, plastic and is essentially the same molecule as petroleum, so it can run your car as well. All these laws of not being able to plant food on your front lawn or collect rainwater falling from the sky are designed to maintain us under the thumb of those at the top. The more we support one another and the less we depend on the “system” to provide us with our needs, the less power they will have over us. Do not support war and do not instantly believe everything you see on TV, whether it is the news or movies or shows designed to instill fear of those living “over there”. All this is part of the divide-and-conquer strategy applied over the ages by those exercising their control.

The rabbit hole goes very deep and it’s a hard (red) pill to swallow at once, so take it in small doses and discover the freedom and happiness which is attainable for us all.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes but each little step will bring us closer to this realisable dream.

Suggestions how you can convince a non-believer / TV-brainwashed zombie

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