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The purpose of this website is to provide a platform where anyone can submit an idea so that all can discuss and vote on it. Regions can be set up, such as for a particular neighbourhood, city, country, stretch of beach, or even a single block of a street. The point is that we should be able to manage ourselves and not rely on the decisions of corrupt politicians hundreds or thousands of miles away, who often do not fulfill their campaign promises once elected and who are easily influenceable by corporate and big money interests. For us to be able to vote only once every four years, often limited to a choice between handpicked candidates from only two parties, is not much of a democracy and completely ignores the power of the internet. Should a country go to war? Let the people decide.


So far I have created this forum:

a real democracy

and paid a programmer $100 to modify this open-source software so that individual suggestions or even responses to suggestions can be voted on, and then sorted according to most/least voted on and net vote value (300 down votes and 300 up votes gives a net vote value of zero). I've also posted some articles here.


This should hopefully be enough to engage interest in the forum and start discussions. Further development plans include (in the order that I'd like to implement them):

If you'd like to submit or discuss suggestions for further development, you can do so here. Otherwise, if you'd like to help speed up development, it would be great if you could make even the smallest contribution here:



You can choose how many units of $1 you'd like to donate. Above are the cost estimates by the programmer, although I may be able to figure out some things myself. Or you are certainly welcome to offer webdesign or art help.


My intention is to not collect any payment for myself but use all donations for the project only. This charity project has been a burning conviction of mine for more than a decade. I will keep records and be completely transparent regarding each donation and where it is spent. Following development, if the site gets real busy with a lot of traffic, the next expenditure could be to take it to a dedicated server, perhaps even in Iceland or Switzerland like Wikileaks was/is located, so that it cannot be taken down by the US government.


After that, if there is some spare donations after all costs are paid, I will simply create a forum topic and let the users or donators decide what to do with it.


For another charity I started a long time ago, you can check out my African charity project - One Laptop per Village. Unfortunately, I never earned enough income to start the project physically, but I have been helping African charities get set up online and with technical IT advice.


Check out my Inspiration Thread for more of my ideas on this matter, and to inspire you to believe that we really can make change, especially if we work together. The system is definitely not immovable, and revolutionary change is already in process.


Others with the same or similar concept, such as follow my vote or a liquid democracy with democracy.earth :




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